10 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Aircon Before The New Year

With the new year coming, servicing your aircon should be one of your resolution in order to maintain quality and prolong the lifespan. Aside from these two, the following are reason for regular aircon servicing:


Prolonging the lifespan of your aircon:

Servicing your aircon is one of the most basic steps towards prolonging the lifespan of your aircon. Servicing checks faults that are likely to occur in feature and makes the necessary repairs before damage occurs. Servicing is a way of taking care of damage before it becomes a bigger problem that is harder to handle. Aircon's that are regularly serviced have a larger lifespan compared to those that are rarely serviced. This is an all-round maintenance to check the working conditions of different parts of your aircon.

Saving energy:

Saving energy has become a global concept in all parts of the world. People are looking for new ways of saving energy and one of the ways of attaining energy efficiency is using a proper working air con. An aircon that is faulty consumes more energy due to heat wasted during the process of warming up the aircon system. Servicing your aircon cleans all parts of the aircon and this makes the process of heating up the system easier. When the aircon heats up quickly energy consumed is less and this saves energy.

Saves cost on repair:

Servicing your aircon may help you save cost likely to be incurred in doing major repairs. When professional air conditioning experts come to service your aircon, they identify minor repairs that need to be fixed and they lubricate different parts of the aircon. Lubricating different moving parts of the air conditioning helps prevent friction and corrosion that damages the aircon. Servicing also identifies small repairs or damages that are likely to occur in future. This helps fix future problems and small repairs because they become major repairs that will incur a lot of cost and waste a lot of time.

Service Aircon

Better quality of fresh air:

Regular maintenance is one way of ensuring that your aircon produces fresh air of better quality. The air produced by your aircon is very important and this is why you should ensure that it is fresh at all times. A dirty aircon produces impure and contaminated air due to the dust and oil particles trapped in the fans. Servicing helps clean all the dirt and oil particles trapped in the fans of your air conditioner. This is one of ensuring your aircon produces fresh air because when the aircon is clean, the air produced is also clean.

Consistent air temperatures:

An air conditioner that is not working well is likely to produce inconsistent air temperatures. This can be very frustrating especially in cold seasons when you need a constant supply of warm air into your home at all times. Regular maintenance and servicing of your aircon is important to ensure that it produces constituent air temperatures. This is because air conditioning experts check to ensure that the fans are working properly and this ensures that air is well regulated and the fans are producing consistent air temperatures at all times.

Saves time wasted on repairs:

The amount of time wasted when you aircon is faulty could have been used on other important activities. A faulty aircon stops you from doing other important activities. For instance, in very hot days a faulty aircon may make people unable to concentrate on other important activities. Regular servicing of your aircon will save you from wasting that time when you are repairing your aircon. An aircon that is well serviced always stays in good condition and this ensures that time is not wasted every time when doing minor repairs all the time.

Concentrate on other activities:

Knowing that your air conditioning is in a good condition helps you concentrate on other activities knowing that your aircon is perfect. You can be able to invest your money and time knowing that you will not incur any cost and time in your aircon. This gives you peace of mind while indulging in other daily activities. Aircon servicing especially by professionals is a very good way of having peace of mind and relaxation. This is because air conditioning professionals are experts in restoring your air conditioner back to its working condition and also improving the performance of your air conditioner.

Service Aircon Before New Year

Inclusive of chemical servicing and cleaning:

Aircon servicing is inclusive of all types of cleaning including chemical cleaning also known as overhaul. This is a special type of cleaning that includes cleaning of different parts of the air condition with the use of special cleaning chemicals. The purpose of chemical cleaning of your aircon is to remove stubborn dirt particles stuck into the air conditioning system. These dirt particles are likely to affect the working condition of your system and this makes chemical cleaning very important. Chemical cleaning is an activity that should be done by air conditioning professionals and this should be part of air conditioning regular servicing and maintenance.

Part of warranty to maintain quality:

The manufacturers of air conditioning systems demand regular servicing to maintain the quality of the aircon. If you want to gain the benefits that are associated with warranty, some manufactures will state that regular servicing is a must. This means that if you need to use your aircon you must have proved that you were servicing your aircon as required by the warranty. Servicing is a crucial aspect in maintaining quality because it prevents deterioration due to tear and wear and other activities.

Prevent noise and bad smell:

There are instances that your aircon may be producing an annoying noise. An aircon that has a mechanical problem is likely to produce some noise. Servicing your aircon regularly helps identify the source of noise. Bad smell is also another common problem with many aircon and this is also a problem that can be solved by regular servicing. Servicing helps clean your aircon and identify the source of the bad smell.

Aircon servicing is an important activity because just like you take good care of your car and other electronic gadgets, the aircon should not be any different. Servicing may seem like a time wasting activity but the benefits of a regular servicing outweigh the time spent and cost incurred.
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