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Four Myths on Air Conditioner Servicing

air conditioner myths
Four Myths on Air Conditioner Servicing

Looking for aircon servicing? There are a lot of myths that tend to circulate when it comes to air conditioner servicing. These myths can lead to a misunderstanding of how servicing works and what should be expected. Most of these myths are borne from a lack of knowledge on the topic and what makes air conditioners work. Without this knowledge, myths can easily be understood as the golden rule towards correcting matters. This article will take a look at four myths that tend to be associated with air conditioner servicing.

Myth #1: No need to replace filters
This is a myth that is often propagated between owners and one that should be ignored. This myth is a reason for many issues that can arise within air conditioners. Just as with anything that requires filters, these items need to be changed on a consistent basis. Without being changed, these dirty filters can be the number one reason for increased bills and lowered performance. The filters should be immediately changed upon realizing the unit is not working at its peak ability. With a newer filter, the unit will automatically show enhanced performance.

These changes do not have to be made daily. This would be unnecessary and would lead to the owner becoming frustrated with the daily chore. The goal is to keep tabs on the performance of the unit and ensure the filter is being changed every month or two months. An 'eye check' test can go a long way in finding the right time to make the change.

Myth #2: Systems that are working should not be checked
This is an awful mistake to make and one of the biggest myths out there in the air conditioner servicing field. Many times there are minor issues that are ruining the performance of the unit that can easily go unnoticed. It is pertinent to have the system checked on a regular basis in order to ensure the longevity of the unit.

There are a lot of times when the system might have an underlying problem that could worsen, if not noticed in time. With a professional eye on the system, these issues can be eradicated before they become a bigger problem than anticipated.

Myth #3: Bigger units equate to better performance
There are a lot of places where this logic tends to work, this is not one of them. A bigger unit will not tend to cool the home in a better fashion. Not only is there a risk of ruining the unit, it can also lead to bigger bills for no reason whatsoever.

The way an air conditioner works means the unit being bigger is useless. The AC will always work to the conditions of the room and not at an accelerated pace. This means regardless of the unit in place, the room will be cooled in the same amount of time. All a bigger unit tends to do is waste extra energy doing the same job.

Myth #4: Fans help speeding up process
This is not true. Many individuals will place a fan nearby the air conditioner in order to the keep the 'air' flowing. This does nothing to help the conditions within the house as the unit does not work in the manner individuals assume it does. The air conditioner looks to circulate the air in its own pattern and a fan can actually hinder the process instead of assist it.

Concluding Thoughts
Air conditioner servicing myths come in bunches and there are many individuals that are often perplexed when these myths are found to be untrue. It is pertinent to do one's research on this topic before looking to find a solution that is the right one.
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