5 Greatest Aircon Servicing Myths In Singapore

Understanding Air conditioners and the Myths Surrounding Their Use in Singapore

Some people consider the air conditioner as a luxury, but for a country like Singapore can be quite hot, this appliance is a necessity. Therefore, every household in Singapore should install air conditioner in order to live a comfortable and peaceful life. This appliance needs regular servicing for it to function effectively, as its parts wear out more easily and can break down frequently. Some people have myths regarding aircon servicing and believe that the appliance can only work effectively if some conditions are met. Most of these people are misinformed and do not know the suitable method of serving aircon, leading to inefficiency and increased utility bills.

Air conditioners, if not serviced regularly, tend to have a short life span, and experts who install these appliances should advise homeowners that they should exercise proper maintenance. The following are some of the wrong information that people have regarding aircon servicing:

- Some people think that if the unit is working effectively then they do not have to change the filters
- You can reduce power consumption by installing energy saving unit without regularly serving your aircon unit
- Having a bigger unit will cool air quickly
- A functioning air conditioner does not need regular service and maintenance
- The unit can work properly no matter the location

Since Singapore is a generally hot country, it is therefore important for homeowners to learn important tips on how to maintain their air conditioner for proper functioning and long life span. A proper aircon servicing is for fresh, cold, and clean air and is also important in preventing the following:

4 Reasons Why Aircon Leaks Water

Leaking air conditioner

This problem could be brought by faults in certain parts of the unit and, if not repaired immediately, can cause the entire unit to stop working. You can contact a well-trained professional to check the unit and repair the damage. Reasons for leaking could be due to condensation.

Understanding condensation

When it is hot, the temperatures are usually high and therefore air conditioners work continuously. The hot weather will cause the evaporator coil to produce excess condensation, which leads to leaks. This usually happens when the evaporator coil fails to suck in the excess condensation into the drain pan and drain line quickly before it leaks out. In order to solve this problem, the air conditioner is switched off in order for the coil to have enough time for dispensing the excess condensation. Sometimes the problem might go on for a long time, even if the unit is switched off. This will require an expert to check the whole unit.

If drain pipe is clogged

A leaking air conditioner could be due to clogging of drainpipe, which is caused by the accumulation of dirt that blocks discharge of condensation. This usually happens to indoor air conditioners, which discharge the condensation through the toilet before dispensing it through the drain pipe. The air conditioner will trap dusts and water, which form a thick residue that eventually block the drainpipe, preventing the system from expelling condensation, causing water to leak. An expert who has the proper equipment for removing the clog can be contacted to repair the damage.

Worn out insulation

Insulation material is usually installed at the back where the air conditioner attaches itself to the wall. This takes place during the installation of the unit. The insulation material will soak due to condensation that is generated by copper pipes that are near the back of the unit. As the material continues to soak up, it will eventually wear out, hence unable to absorb the volume of condensation developed by the copper pipes. If this goes on without notice, the unit will leak from the back wall and, therefore, you will need the most qualified plumber to replace the insulation material.

Clogging of air filter

An aircon may leak if the air filter is clogged with dust and debris that the unit collects from the environment. The evaporator coil will therefore freeze, forming a thin layer of ice, which causes water to spill over the pans edge and eventually out of the unit. This is a DIY servicing because it only involves the cleaning of air filter, which should be done once every six months. For proper functioning of the air conditioner, you should change the filter in order to prevent leakage.

Weak airflow

The airflow may weaken if the blower rotor blades are covered in dirt. This usually happens when the sticky biofilm attaches itself onto the fan blade. It builds up a thick film over each blade as time goes by. If this goes on for a long time the aerodynamic effect of each blade will be affected, leading to weak airflow from the unit. This problem will continue even if the aircon cooling coil is clean, hence the need for a specialized plumber. The cleaning of the blades requires an expert who will ensure that the sticky biofilm coating is removed by the use of an aircon wash bag.

Clogged aircon FCU

The air that flows through the air conditioner carries fibers, dead skin cells from our bodies and dust, which form sticky sludge when they come into contact with water. This sticky sludge will stick to the surface of the cooling fins, leading to growth of bacteria. These microorganisms will thrive due to the presence of dead skin cells. This interferes with airflow, as the secretions that they produce clog the air passages. The servicing here involves the use of a strong acid-based or alkaline-based cleaning solution to remove the bacteria. Most qualified technicians use most-approved cleaning detergents that will not damage your air conditioner and so it is advisable to contact them for safe cleaning.

Aircon servicing crew

It is always recommended to hire air conditioner experts to inspect your home before installing the unit. Some people believe that having a bigger unit will help with faster cooling. However, the size and efficiency of the aircon depend on the size of the room and location of installation. The servicing crew will also advise you on how to maintain your unit, as well as some of the servicing you can do yourself without involving a technician. If an air conditioner is serviced regularly, it can save on utility bills and serve your family for a long time. Therefore, in order to live comfortably in Singapore, ensure that your air conditioner is cleaned regularly and installed in the right location.
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