5 Possible Reasons Why You Aircon Compressor Is Noisy

Your aircon compressor may be the best thing you ever got. However if that baby makes constant noise, you are soon going to go crazy. All the joy you had been feeling from having air conditioning will disappear. It is therefore important that you find out what the noises are all about. You can then proceed to deal with then get some peach and quiet; not forgetting your sanity back.

5 Possible Reasons Why You Aircon Compressor Is Noisy

So, what are the possible reasons as to why your aircon compressor is so noisy?

1. Because it is normal
There is a reason as to why most air conditioning compressors are placed outside the home. They are noisy things. If you are new to air cons then you will be very surprised at the beginning to discover all that noise. The fact is that many products of this nature have to produce some level of noise due to how they are functioning. It is usually normal especially if your aircon is new.

When the noise in your air compressor is coming out as it should, you will get used to it. For most people, the level of noise is bearable and will soon cease to be annoying.

Ensure therefore that you ask an expert about your equipment. This will save you plenty of time and money, if your aircon is the noisy type.

2. Refrigerant May Be The Problem
Your air conditioning compressor has a refrigerant, which is responsible for keeping the temperatures within at a manageable level. If that refrigerant floods into the compressor crankcase, then you are going to have some additional noises possibly. You will usually notice noise of this nature when the compressor is just starting up.

If your air conditioning compressor has noises at the starting point, then ensure that you call up a HVAC expert. He should be there from the beginning to confirm whether the refrigerant is the culprit for all that noise. If that is the case, you may need to spend some money buying a new crankcase heater to be installed. After that, you will not need to deal with all that noise.

3. Stray Hardware Parts
If there is a clattering or rattling noise within your compressor for aircon, then you may have loose parts within the unit. These parts may be from the tubing for the refrigerant. They may also be bits and pieces of material, which came loose during delivery or even the last maintenance that you had. Some pieces of material may have come from broken parts which arise from wear and tear.

The rattling noises can be quite irritating. If you have some experience in dealing with air conditioning units, then you can open the unit yourself. Otherwise, you may consider hiring a HVAC technician. He will open up the unit, check for the offending bits and have then removed. You can then go on to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

4. Leaking Oil
Aircon compressors require oil to function properly. This oil is essential for lubricating parts. If these parts are not lubricated, then you are going to have problems with noise. This is likely to happen when the oil leaks.

It is therefore important that you check for oil leakages in and around the compressor unit. If you happen to find signs of oil leaks, then it could be that there is very little oil left. You could use an oil gauge if you have one to confirm this theory. Anything less than at least half the amount is reason for you to call a HVAC expert.

Once your oil is restored, you will be able to notice an improvement from the noise coming from your compressor unit. Enjoy the peace.

5. Capacitor
Does your compressor making humming noises? How does it behave when it is just starting?

The Capacitor has been known to cause humming noises within the aircon compressor unit. It has also been known to affect the functionality of the motor. A Capacitor that is not functioning as it should will delay the starting of the motor or stop it from functioning at all. Those humming noises will be coming from that kind of malfunction.

If your motor is not functioning, as it should, then you may need to jump-start the Capacitor. Usually a kit can be used for that purpose. Alternatively, you can just call a HVAC technician and let him handle the situation.

Bottom Line
An aircon compressor is a handy piece of equipment to have in your home. However when it is noisy to the extreme, you will forget all about that and start tearing out your hair. You should therefore take time to find out where the noises could possibly be coming from then deal with them.
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