6 Myths On Inverter Aircon

An inverter aircon can be described as an air conditioner that is used to control speed of the motor compressor which permits regulated temperature continuously. This is different from the traditional conditioner in the sense that they work with a compressor which regulates temperature when it is switched off completely or working at maximum capacity.

Aircon Inverter Myths

Some of the myths that surround this type of conditioner include:

They use too much energy

One of the myths that surround the inverter is the fact that it uses up too much energy. This is the opposite of t real situation as this was specifically introduced to solve the problem of using too much energy to keep the house or office cool. This is because the pump is left on at all times which actually uses up less energy meaning that you get to save on the utility bills at the end of the month.

They are less efficient than the traditional option

While most people think that the traditional aircon is more effective than the inverter aircon, this is actually not true. They are actually more effective simply because they use programmable microcontrollers. These can be compared to the gas pedals used when driving a car where you have to press it on harder if you want the vehicle to move faster. The controllers can be used to determine the speed at which the unit will run. Unlike the traditional options these do not actually turn off as they only slow down to match up the cooling needs.

It cannot be used all the time

When you look at the traditional air conditioners, you will notice that they are either on or off. This is one of the reasons why there are some people who might think that inverter aircon cannot run at all times. This is a myth as the conditioner remains on at all times without going off. The main difference for this is how cold the air is going to be. The inverter units normally try and keep up with the temperature rather than blowing full cold for some time. For some, this is really convenient as they don't have to keep up with different types of temperatures.

It does not offer stable conditioning

Another myth that surrounds the inverter aircon is the fact that it does not offer stable conditioning. This is because its compressor motor does not stop moving implying that it gains momentum when there is high demand.

They need to be shut on and off

From how the aircon works, you will not have to keep shutting it on and off because of the mechanisms that are put in place. This especially comes in handy when it is too hot as you get to enjoy cool air at all times without any interruptions.

The conditioner is expensive

Contrary to popular belief, this type of aircon is not expensive thus you do not have to worry about spending too much money on it. You will actually save more money on the utility bills as it uses less energy.
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