6 Reasons To Choose An Inverter Energy Saving Aircon

Inverter air conditioners are the latest development in the air conditioning technology. These units are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore because of their powerful performance, innovative features and stylish design. They also come with a number of advantages over conventional start/stop systems, which many homeowners and businesses are keen to exploit.

6 Reasons To Choose An Inverter Energy Saving Aircon

What Is An Inverter Aircon?

As the name suggests, an inverter energy saving air conditioner comes with an inverter, which plays a key role in its superior performance. An inverter is an electric power conversion circuit that regulates the voltage, current and frequency of devices. In an inverter aircon, this circuit controls the speed of the compressor motor, thus regulating the room temperature as per requirement.

In non-inverter air conditioning systems, the compressor motor is designed to operate at constant speed or single speed only. Essentially, this means the air conditioner operates either in the “Full Power” mode or “No Power” mode, just like a fan heater which switches on when the temperature drops to a set level and off again when the desired temperature is reached. This mode of operation is associated with a number of disadvantages that can compromise energy efficiency and comfort in a home or office.

In inverter energy saving aircon systems, the compressor motor slows down and speeds up as needed to maintain a selected temperature setting. This regulation of the speed of the compressor motor is achieved through the use of a system of circuits, which includes an inverter.

The system of circuits found in inverter energy saving aircon systems converts the incoming AC supply to DC voltage and then modulates it by changing the current, voltage and frequency of the power, which then goes to the compressor. The resultant variable frequency drive controls the compressor and, therefore, the unit’s output. An increase in frequency results in a corresponding increase in output, while a reduction in frequency leads to a corresponding reduction in output. This facilitates finer temperature control than that offered by conventional models.

Inverter Energy Saving Aircon

6 Reasons To Choose An Inverter Energy Saving Aircon

1. Helps achieve substantial energy savings

Although an inverter energy saving aircon will cost more initially, it is approximately 30-50% cheaper to run as it consumes less power. Those who have already installed this type of air conditioner often find that in the long run, the benefit of energy savings far outweigh the initial cost. The system actually pays itself back within a few years after purchase via lower energy bills.

In non-inverter aircons, there’s no way of regulating the speed of the compressor motor. It turns on and off to maintain the desired temperature. When the room temperature rises and high amounts of refrigerant are needed it operates at full capacity, while the need is low, it doesn’t operate at all. Due to this mode of operation, energy consumption is high.

An inverter aircon uses less electricity than a traditional system because of its efficient mode of operation. The inverter technology is able to vary the frequency of the motor, which in turn regulates the revolution of the compressor. As a result, the inverter aircon can maintain room temperature at the desired level and also adjust smoothly in response to any changes in the cooling load, rather than switching on and off. This ensures optimal energy efficiency.

2. Comfort advantages

An inverter energy saving aircon is able to reach the desired room temperature more quickly and efficiently than conventional air conditioners. This quick and efficient adjustment of the room temperature helps maintain operating temperatures within the desired level at all times – which traditional systems are often unable to do. With this unit, there are no large temperature swings common with traditional systems, and you’re guaranteed of a pleasant, comfortable indoor environment.

The latest inverter aircons also come equipped with specially-designed filters that neutralize allergens, foul odors and hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), thus creating a more comfortable indoor environment.

3. Longer lifespan

 Because of its efficient mode of operation (where it doesn’t need to keep turning on and off) an inverter air conditioner is less prone to wear and tear. It therefore has a longer life span compared to a conventional unit. These modern units are also treated with an anti-corrosive material, which greatly improve their durability.

4. Quicker and more powerful

Being a tropical country, Singapore at times can experience extremely high temperatures along with high humidity, especially around May and June. Having a powerful aircon that can cool hot rooms faster and more efficiently can be very advantageous. Increasing the frequency of an inverter energy saving aircon ensures powerful output, which brings the room temperature to the desired level faster than air conditioners not equipped with an inverter. It offers the perfect solution to anyone looking for a home cooling unit to enable them enjoy crisp breezes during the hottest days of the year.

5. Intelligent eco sensor

 Inverter energy saving aircons typically come with a microcontroller that can sample ambient air temperature and adjust accordingly the speed of the compressor. This enables automatic adjustment of cooling power in order to save energy and facilitate uninterrupted heating and cooling comfort and convenience.

6. Is much quieter than a conventional, non-inverter aircon

This is another big plus of having an inverter energy saving aircon in your Singapore home or office. The produces minimal noise levels since its inverter compressor is much quieter than the non-inverter compressor. This means you don’t have to keep worrying about noise.
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