6 Ways to Increase Humidity in Air Conditioned Room

An air conditioner can reduce humidity significantly, making a room dry. Air conditioners help to improve indoor air quality but they can also remove moisture in the air, causing various concerns. Some of the issues that you may face in a dry room include breathing difficulties, sore throat, chapped lips, and dry skin. A room can be very uncomfortable when the air is too dry. The good news is that there are some measures that you can take to increase humidity.

6 Ways to Increase Humidity in Air Conditioned Room

It is important to note that the recommended humidity in a room should range from 35 to 50%. If the humidity is too high, it can be a concern. This is because it can create a good environment for bacteria and mold to thrive in your home. When you use these techniques to increase humidity, it is advisable to use a hygrometer to measure the precise amount of moisture in the air.

1. Keep Plants

This is one of the most effective ways to increase humidity in any part of your house. Plants can help to reduce the dryness by introducing moisture in the surrounding air. The soil found in a potted plant also helps to retain additional moisture that can be absorbed into a room when the aircon dries the air. But it is important to make sure the plants are watered regularly to prevent them from drying out. Place several potted plants in different parts of your house. They will also make your home more attractive.

2. Use Water Containers

Another option that you can use to raise humidity levels in an air conditioned room is placing several containers filled with water around your home. The containers should be left open to allow the water to evaporate and increase humidity. Choose appealing containers made of colored or clear glass. Place them in various areas away from electrical devices. If you have children or pets, it is important to keep the containers elevated to prevent accidents. You can place some pebbles in the water containers to make them both functional and aesthetically appealing.

3. Water Fountain

If you want to add moisture in an air conditioned room, a water fountain is an effective solution. One of the main benefits of using a water function is that it can match your interior. There are various types of water fountains that you can select from depending on your individual preferences. Place the water fountain in a strategic part of the room to increase humidity.

6 Ways to Increase Humidity in Air Conditioned Room

4. Fish Tanks

Adding a fish tank to an air conditioned room is another creative way of increasing humidity levels. This is an ideal option if you love pets. It is important to make sure the water tank has an open top to allow some of the water to evaporate into the air and increase moisture levels. If you choose to use a fish tank, to eliminate dry air, you need to take good care of the fish to ensure the water remains fresh. You will have to change the water regularly to prevent bad odors. A fish tank can also make the room look better.

5. Use a Room Humidifier

This is one of the most effective solutions if you are looking for a way to increase humidity. A humidifier is designed to add moisture to any room. Most people assume that they only need a stand-alone device if they want to humidify a single room. This may work well if the device is not connected to your furnace. But it is advisable to humidify the entire house if you are using an air conditioner. Choose an evaporative device that you can connect to the central furnace. Make sure the humidifier is cleaned regularly to ensure it is introducing clean moisture into the air.

6. Wet Cloths

If you want to increase humidity in a kitchen, one of the solutions that can work is leaving some wet cloths on the countertops. While this may not seem like a good idea for some people, it can help to introduce some moisture in a room. Once you have identified the most effective technique to increase humidity, monitor the levels regularly to prevent mold and bacteria growth. The technique you select should be practical for your home.
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