6 Ways To Save Electricity With Your Air Conditioner

Installation of air conditioners in the home is a common thing that has several benefits. It keeps your home cool, humidity low, and reduces pollution, but the one problem that the air conditioner owners face is of high electricity bills. Especially during the summer season these current bills become very high to manage and at times affect the household budgets. However, if you want to know the ways to save electricity for air conditioner, then you are at the right place.

Save Electricity With Your Aircon

6 Ways to Save Electricity with Your Air Conditioner

1. Insulate Your Room

All your doors and windows of the room should not have any types of gaps. Any outside air entering the room while the air conditioner is running would increase the temperature of the room and in turn increase the load on your air conditioner. Therefore, by sealing the gaps and openings in your room you could reduce your electricity bill considerably.

2. Proper Maintenance of Air Conditioner

If the filter of your air conditioner is dirty it results in reduced air flow and increased load on air conditioner. Cleaning the air conditioner regularly could improve its performance and reduce your electricity bill. However, there are many such parts of air conditioner that needs maintenance to generate best performance from your air conditioner.

3. Install Fan in the Room

Installing a fan in the room helps in pulling the hot air towards the roof. This results in heat flowing through the roof and reducing the room temperature. Due to reduced room temperature load on air conditioner is less and the electricity consumption is low.

4. Right Thermostat Setting

It is important that the temperature of the thermostat is set no lower than 25 degree Celsius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps in reducing the use of energy by your air conditioner. Research has proved that for every one degree lower temperature your air conditioner uses 12% extra energy.

5. Paint Exterior of Your House with Light Colors

It is proven by many studies that by painting lighter color paints in the exterior of your house could help you in reducing the temperature of your room. Lighter colored walls reflect the sun rays in a better way than dark colored walls. Therefore, the temperature of the inside of a house is nearly 10-15 percent lower when the outer walls are painted with lighter colors.

6. Reduce the Use of Heat Generating Appliances

Instead of using cooking gas for cooking your food, it is better to use microwave. Use latest technology refrigerator, as old refrigerators generate lot of heat. Instead of light bulbs try to use fluorescent tubes. Making these changes would make your house a more energy efficient place. By following these suggestions you would reduce the heat inside your house and thereby reducing the load on air conditioner.


There are several ways to save electricity for air conditioner, but following them in a disciplined way is important. The six ways suggested above would help you in reducing the electricity consumption of your air conditioner.
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