7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Window Unit Aircon

Operating of Window unit Aircon is not difficult at all and you can easily operate it with the help of its remote. However, you need to understand that it is a complex machine and it relied on various functions and components to work in a proper manner. That also means that if you will do any minor mistake in the installation of your window unit Aircon, then it can create some serious problems for you. That’s why when you do the installation of window unit aircon then you shall avoid these 7 mistakes to get the optimum result with it.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Window Unit Aircon

Improper sized system:

Sometime people think that if they will install and oversized Window unit Aircon then they can get better cooling with it. However, they get only adverse effects with it because oversized Aircon unit not only increase the humidity, but it increase the operational cost as well. Other than this, it gives you uncomfortable temperature as well because of improper size. Similar to this if you will choose an undersized unit for your room, then you will not get enough cooling and compressor of your window unit aircon will keep on running nonstop. That means you will get less cooling but high electricity bill. Also, your equipment will not have a long life because of this issue. So, when you install your window unit Aircon then you take the opinion from the contractor or technician and then choose the size of Aircon unit on the basis of your room size, window measurement, and other factors.

Wrong positioning of Aircon unit:

You not only need to choose the right size window unit aircon, but you need to install at the right position also to get maximum benefit from it. So, when you install the outdoor unit of your Aircon, then you install it at a shaded location so it gives better cooling with fewer efforts. In this step, make sure location is shady, but it is properly ventilated as well because that is a necessity for proper functioning of your Aircon unit. Also, it is strongly recommended that your window unit aircon remain slightly tilted toward the back side. This will allow the proper drainage also to the Aircon unit and air will flow toward the end of the room with this tilting.

Improper insulation:

It doesn’t matter what kind of Aircon system you have in your home, if you do not have proper insulation in your room and in your window unit aircon. If you will contact a reputable and experienced technician or contractor for the installation of your Aircon unit then he will do the insulation in a proper manner. So, if you want to avoid problems in your window unit aircon, then it is strongly recommended that you pay minute attention on the insulation part to get the best result from it.

Wrong thermostat positioning:

Many people fix the thermostat of their window unit aircon near to the lamp or other equipment that generate heat by operating. If you will do this, then your thermostat may remain exposed to heat and it may keep running your Aircon compressor even if your room temperature is cold enough. That means you will get higher electricity bill, non comfortable temperature and short life span of your equipments. So, when you do the installation of your Aircon unit, then make sure you keep this thing also in your mind to avoid any complication.

 Installing Window Unit Aircon

Poor quality of indoor air:

If you have any kind of pollution in the air then it will certainly reduce the efficiency of your Aircon unit. Talking about the source of this indoor pollution, you can have this pollution because of various things including mould, carpet dust, resins, mildew, paint smell, and similar other things. This indoor pollution can certainly due to lack of air circulation and high humidity. Also, these indoor pollutants can certainly create affect the functioning of your Aircon unit. So, it is a good idea that before you install your window unit aircon you get rid of all these pollutant from your room. If you cannot do that by yourself, then you shall take the experts help for that, but you make sure you get rid of these pollutants before installing the Aircon unit in your home.

Ignorance for leaks:

While installing the Aircon unit, many people do not check the level of coolant or leaks and as a result of that they get improper cooling and remain exposed to various health problems as well. Other than this, slight leak of coolant can increase your electricity bill as well in a very much visible manner. That’s why it is extremely important that you check the level of coolant before installing the window unit aircon in your home and if you notice any kind of leak in it then do the needful before installing it. Also, if you are installing new window unit aircon, then also make sure you check the leakage because new systems can also have leakage in it.

Choosing a wrong contractor:
Many people find it really hard to do the installation of window unit aircon by themselves and that’s why they hire some contractor for that. I say that is a good thing and if you do not feel comfortable for any work then hiring a contractor is the best thing that you can do. However, when you hire a contractor then make sure you choose a contractor wisely for this. In this selection make sure you check the reviews of contractor before hiring him and if you get positive reviews then only choose the contractor else not.

In addition to this is it is also suggested that if you have some problem of electricity fluctuation in your area, then you use a good quality power stabilizer for your window unit aircon. And if you will avoid all these mistakes while installing your Aircon unit in your home, then you will not get any complication or problem with the installation and you will get only the best result also.
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