7 Useful Tips On Reducing Aircon Noise Level

Characterized by warm and humid climate, Singapore is one of the countries where you will find the Aircon to be very useful. Often, you will see them in backyards, or strung on the walls of both residential and commercial property. What you need to know is that despite their importance, the Aircon can be a very noisy machine.

Aircon Noise

This noise is very distracting to the people in the household or the neighbouring buildings. Further, the sound that emanates from these cooling machines can vary depending on the type of Aircon and the circumstances under which it is working. Some can be so noisy to the extent that you cannot sleep or work comfortably. Nonetheless, all is not lost as there are some ways through which you can use to deal with this menace.

Below are some 7 Useful Tips On Reducing Aircon Noise Level:

1. Maintenance is the key

Once installed, most people do not bother to service their cooling machines as often as it should be done. Maintenance is a simple task of observing your aircon for any faults or listening carefully to see if there is any change in the way it works. Obviously, your Aircon will not function optimally in the same conditions in which it was bought. After some time, you will start to notice a few changes on the machine. Such changes could even be accumulation of dust particles on the machine surface.
These small faults that you may or may not notice are the catalysts to the noise that emanates from the interior of the cooling machine. Keep in mind that noise could come from any moving parts of your cooling machine.

2. Constant check-up

After owning an aircon for some time, you quickly become an expert in solving simple problems that occur. Small noises are usually an indication of a fault in one or more of the parts of the cooling machine. It could be a blocked vent, or that filters are not in good shape. If you hear any unusual sounds from the Aircon, try simple cleaning techniques to remove any particles that could be a source of an obstruction. If you feel that the problem is out of hand, you can consult a technician who will then come and inspect your Aircon. A professional will check on the filters then remove debris and dirt from them. When air is forced through small openings, some sound will be heard. This is where the fault could be lying in your Aircon. Once this is cleared, the noise is significantly reduced.

3. Loose external screws

During the installation of the cooling machines, they are firmly anchored to the wall or any other part of the building that is deemed appropriate. Just like most machines that vibrate in the course of their working, the Aircon is not an exception as its screws get loose over a period of time. The back and forth movement could potentially be a source of the noise. Additionally, collisions with the window or the wall in the course of vibration can produce some irritating noises. If you observe and notice that this is the source of the noise, then switch off the unit. Touch the screws gently to see how lose they are. Standard screwdrivers will help you get the job done. However, if it has loosened to the extent that it is completely detached, it could mean that you need complete fixing done afresh. Do not hesitate to call your installer to fix this problem.

Aircon Noise

4. Loose internal components

Noise can also emanate from the inner parts of the aircon. When loose parts knock on each other, they can make uncomfortable noises. If it happens in heavy duty cooling machines, it could be a source of danger as they are designed to work with more power than the standard air coolers. When you are certainly sure that the noise is not coming from the external parts of the machine, then loose internal components could be the problem. Dealing with loose internal parts can be tricky especially if you do not have the knowledge to go about it. Switch of the unit and carry it outside (If it is possible as some units do not allow for this). Check and tighten the screws holding the loose parts. For those that are not conversant with this step, you can get in touch with the nearest service center for assistance.

5. Use of sound blanket frame

A sound blanket frame is useful in those situations where the Aircon is situated outside the house. The outdoor air conditioner runs all the time and when temperatures exceed a certain level, it makes a lot of noises to cool adequately with more power. Build a wooden or a metallic structure all-around the machine and from that point forward, attach outdoor blankets on the frame covering the unit.
This is a sure fire way of reducing noise as the blanket absorbs the noise hence, only a minimal amount of noise is produced. Take caution to leave a space of at least 15 inches from the cooling machine to allow for ample airflow. Also, do not leave too much space that will make noise escape.

6. Build a wooden barrier

Another excellent option to combating Aircon noise is through constructing a wooden wall to act as a barrier between the machine and your internal surrounding. A wooden wall is deemed the most appropriate because it has the property of absorbing matter; in this case, sound. Additionally, wood is preferred because it can reflect sound backward. This means that some sound emanating from your aircon will be absorbed while the rest will be reflected back. Building a wooden barrier can best be done by a professional. If you choose to erect a wall by yourself, be sure to place it a foot higher above the cooling unit so that it works correctly.

7. Replacing worn out components

Rubber mountings that are worn out are another cause of aircon noise. Even worse, fan blades that are rusty can make your life uncomfortable. The compressor can be a source of noise although many manufacturers have designed this part in a way that it does not spoil easily. However, when it spoils, you can be sure that there is no repair other than to replace it with a brand new one. A good compressor will last up to twenty years. A pre-emptive measure would be for you to replace those parts with components that do not make noise at all.

The truth of the matter is that fixing a noisy unit is easy as long as you are knowledgeable about the possible sources of noise. Also, Aircon noise cannot be wholly eradicated. Reducing the noise is the best that can be done. Whenever you are unsure of what action to take, just call the nearest service center for assistance.
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