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Should You Sign An Aircon Servicing Contract After Aircon Installation?

Many Singaporeans still wonder why they should sign servicing contracts after Aircon installations. To clarify this issue, there are certain concepts about aircon's that should be clarified.

To begin with, it is important to understand that aircon's systems are subject to regular maintenance if they should remain efficient and function as expected. It is apparent that the administration of regular servicing and maintenance of aircon systems enhances their lifespan. In that case, a planned preventive maintenance procedure is recommended.

Signing service contract after an installation is recommended because the services that will be offered by the service provider will be tailor-made to suit the needs of the system. It should be understood that different systems work differently and the administration of tailor-made services is essential for the attainment of optimum performance levels.

When a home owner decides to invest in an aircon's system, the individual hopes to enjoy all benefits of the system at all times. The systems work efficiently if they are well maintained and best is ensure the efficiency of such investments is by ensuring that they run efficiently and economically. Best to achieve this is by entering into a maintenance contract with a service provider. Entering into contracts is vital because it will resolve problems that results from reluctance.

Many home and business owners in Singapore confess that they are reluctant to carry out routine maintenance procedures on their air conditioners especially when they realize that their systems are working normally. If you are one of those individuals, you are breeding a major problem which may lead to the eventual breakdown of your aircon system. Perhaps the common challenges of aircon's should be mentioned so that you can understand that regular maintenance is of great importance.

Indicators of a Poorly Maintained aircon's system

The flow of air is poor

Bad smell comes from the system

The performance of the aircon's system reduces

The system gets dirty

Increased energy bills

Regular freezing



From the list above, residents of Singapore should vote for the signing of maintenance contracts. All the indicators are not good and they signify an eventual breakdown of the system.

Consider a case whereby electricity bills have raised simple because a person has failed to carry out maintenance of the aircon system. This scenario is not pleasant because while the bills go up, the performance of the system also reduces. On the other hand, as the performance gets reduced, the environment becomes less conducive because of stale odors and poor airflow. As you can see, the real impacts that an aircon system should bring are lost.

Because ordinary citizens cannot easily tell when it is time to carry out a maintenance program, signing such contracts seems appropriate because the service provider will be the one who decides and establishes when maintenance programs should be implemented. This relieves the owner from the need to regularly watch out for propellers of maintenance.

After signing the servicing contract, when should you expect the service provider?

Signing the servicing contract does not mean we should sit back and wait for the service provider to visit and carry out the maintenance procedures. We should have prior knowledge of when maintenance should be carried out so that we can establish if the maintenance experts really wants us to have the best. At the back of your mind, always understand that high conditioning costs are incurred where the systems have not been subjected to regular servicing and maintenance. The routine and frequency of carrying out service and maintenance is dependent of a couple of factors. Individuals who use the air conditioners in residential environments are required to have at least two service visits every year. However, aircon's systems used in server rooms, shops, trading floors and busy places such as restaurants should be serviced more frequently hence more visits by the maintenance experts should be expected.


Users of aircon's systems should not shy away from signing aircon servicing contracts after installations. The rates for such services are affordable and cannot be compared to the costs incurred in case the systems fail to function due to poor maintenance. However, Singaporeans should be cautious when choosing the service providers so that they cannot fall for unreliable service providers.

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