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Singapore weather is always humid and hot. Air conditioner is not an unfamiliar machine to Singaporeans. However, are you aware of how to maintain an air conditioner?

Problems that people faces with air conditioners can be resolved by a very simple maintenance and cleaning. A bi-weekly or monthly cleaning of air conditioner grille and filter will extend the life span and make the room cool down fast. Air filter will normally choke the ducts when particle aggregated inside and make air conditioner inefficiency. It can be resolved by doing a simple cleaning of the air filter.

Air conditioners common problems usually are faulty cooling, noisy when the unit is shutting down, water pools can be seen below the air conditioner etc. Normally some of these problems can be resolved and implemented by referring to the air conditioner manual without asking for a technician help.
Before attempting in D.I.Y repairs on air conditioner, do check that the power is switch off. Grille removal is any easy job; however, extra care should be rendered if the fan is attached to the grille. In additional, no loose wire should be seen when removing the grille and disconnecting the fan. Take note of the wire sequence if there should be any wires attaching to the fan, so they can be reconnected again.

Broken fuse or a power tripped may result the air conditioner not to power/turn up. Fuse is simple and easily to be replaced by yourself by referring to the instruction manual. Thus, do a check first before asking for a technician help as it may be just a fuse problem.

Air conditioner accumulate water at the front portion is may be due to leakage of a duct. Replacement of the duct normally will resolve the problem and instructions of replacing is easily available in the manual.

Faulty thermostats are difficult to resolve as it can cause the air conditioner to cool the room unexpectedly. Faulty heat pump may also cause temperature swings. Both thermostats and heat pumps can only be repaired by professional. Air conditioner D.I.Y repairing is not a difficult task, but if you are not confident or comfortable with home appliances, would be advisable to contact the professional.


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