Can Air Con Pipe Reuse?

Singapore experiences a hot and humid climate and installation of an aircon system becomes an absolute necessity. As a part of our spring cleaning routine it is essential to check that the aircon systems are functioning and working properly. Prolonged usage decreases the functioning ability of an aircon system. This is the right time to seek for professional help. Call the aircon servicing company in Singapore who undertakes installation, service and maintenance and repair and replacement of worn out parts. Regular service entails eliminating and cleaning of any dirt or dust that has accumulated over the period of time as well as checking all the pipes and ductwork. If any problem is detected in the aircon piping it can be easily replaced.

Can We Reuse Our Aircon Piping

Can Air Con Pipe Reuse?
Building means replacing all the piping as well. However, the advancement in technology has developed a remarkably new refrigerant that cleans the residue refrigerant oil that remains in the pipe facilitating it to be reused. Generally the refrigerant leaves a chloride leftover that builds up in the existing pipes. If left as it is the refrigerant oil will deteriorate the pipes. This scientifically advanced technology prevents deterioration due to chorine residue. This makes re usage of aircon piping absolutely possible. Reusing the pipe enables you to incur huge savings of money. Yes, the aircon pipe work that was previously disposed off when replacing a new air conditioner can be now reused. This is possible because of the original pipe cleaning technology that automatically cleans the piping in the aircon unit. This latest invention is really a boon as it significantly reduces labor, installation time and wastage of materials. However make sure to approach a reliable and reputed aircon servicing company in Singapore to help save your money and valuable time.

Benefits of aircon pipe reuse technology:

1. There is no need for cleaning at the time of aircon system renewal.

2. The ability to use the existing aircon piping reduces pipe wastage and the time involved in replacing the pipe.

3. The pipe reusing technology invented in the recent years delivers huge time and cost savings.

4. This relatively new technology has also eliminated the need for use of copper.

5. Most of all upgrading aircon systems in Singapore to more energy efficient models make more sense now than ever before.

6. This innovative technology allows cleaning free renewal of air-conditioning systems.

If you are on the lookout to upgrade your aircon systems you can definitely reuse the pipes rather than tossing them aside. This is possible because there is likely to be less contamination inside the pipes. Hence when air conditioning companies in Singapore are quoting there may be a significant savings in not changing the pipe work especially on long run pipes. This makes it clear that installing aircon systems with existing pipe work is not a problem at all. Make sure to select the right aircon serving company in Singapore that offers exceptional service at reasonable prices. Yes, your aircon is safe in the hands of a professional expert.

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