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Air conditioners are one of the most widely used electrical appliance in Singapore since the weather is extremely stuffy and hot. It is the only appliance that can cool a home or office effectively and allow the occupants to stay in comfortably without continuously wiping their sweating faces. However with time just like any other electrical appliance, the air con may break down which will lead to many different problems. The most common air con issues faced by Singapore residents are either air con not warm, air con not cold or water leaking problems. Failure to resolve these problems almost immediately lead to more complications which significantly increases the repair cost. Therefore, rather than waiting for the air con to break down, it is prudent to have the aircon regularly maintained.

Aircon Servicing

However, no matter how much care you take, there is a time when you will come home and find the house has turned to an oven, at this point, you should contact an aircon technician to repair the unit. But if this happens on a Sunday, it can be very frustrating when you find out that the technician does not work on Sunday which is the case with most aircon technicians in Singapore and you have to survive in the heat for more than 24 hours.

Fortunately, with us, you do not have to worry about this and our technicians will gladly assist you. The following are the services we provide on Sunday:

Aircon servicing

Aircon servicing is vital to the smooth operation of an air conditioner unit. It involves the cleaning of different parts of the unit and It improves its operation efficiency. Aircon servicing has so many benefits including improved efficiency, cleaner air, prevention of breakdown among others. If your air con unit has not been serviced for a while, you should contact out technicians.

Aircon chemical washing

This is thorough aircon chemical overhaul of the entire system. If servicing fails to improve the performance of the system, you should consider chemical wash. It cleans out all the debris and dirt in the system and it is the best solution for water leaking problems.

Aircon maintenance contract

This involves regular cleaning and servicing the unit to ensure its proper maintenance and smooth operation. Maintaining the aircon unit regularly is important as it improves the efficiency of the unit reduces the chances of the unit breaking down which in turn helps to save the high repair costs in the future. The major advantage of aircon maintenance contract is that it saves cost in the long run.

Aircon repair

If your aircon suddenly stops working our technicians can diagnose the problem and come up with an economical solution that will get the unit back up running. Since all our technicians are full qualified, they perform a thorough check up of the unit and efficiently rectify any problem with the unit.

Aircon Servicing

Aircon installation

Our aircon technicians are well trained to install all brands and types of air conditioner units. We have dealt with brands such as York, Samsung LG, McQuay, Toshiba, Carrier, Sanyo, Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi and many others. We specialize in the following types of air conditioners:
· Ceiling suspended
· Ceiling cassette
· Wall mounted
· Split system
· Casement aircon
· Room aircon and many more

Aircon gas top up

Our technicians can top refrigerant aircon up gas for different types of air conditioner units in Singapore. You should have the gas level of your air con checked regularly to ensure that the unit runs smoothly and detect any problems early before they can become major complications. If you want a gas top up any day, you should contact our trained technicians and they will gladly serve you.

Top causes of aircon problems

In order to avoid unnecessary breakdown of your air conditioner unit, it is important to understand the major causes which include:

Clogged drains

The moisture that the aircon collects from the air is supposed to be removed through a drain line to a pan. If the drain line gets clogged or the pan gets full, the water can damage the system. It also can lead to water leaks which can damage the furnishing, ceiling and the walls which will eventually lead to the growth of mold.

Aircon Servicing

Problems with the thermostat

This mostly happens if you have the old dial thermostat type which are often incorrectly calibrated meaning the aircon will not get the right instructions from the control system. This problem can be easily fixed by recalibrating the thermostat or replacing it with the new programmable thermostat which are easy to set.

Leaking ducts

The ducts that run through the ceiling and the walls carry the cool air from the air conditioner to your space. In case they brake or they get holes which are often caused by rodents, the cool air does not get to your space which will not be doing any good to anyone. This also makes the air conditioner to work harder which in turn drives up the energy bills.

Fan problems

One of the fans blows the indoor air over the unit evaporator coil to cool the air while another blows air over the condenser of the outdoor unit to expel the heat outside the building. If either of the fans fails to work properly due to either lack of lubrication, a faulty motor, too much debris or worn out belts, there will be a poor flow of air. Failure to correct this problem lead to complete breakdown of the air conditioning unit.

Low refrigerant

The air conditioner uses the refrigerant to remove humidity and heat from the air in the office or home. If there are any leaks on the refrigerant lines, there will be no enough refrigerant to cool the air. Fixing this problem does not involve the complete replacement of the refrigerant, a technician should locate the leaks and repair them which can be time consuming especially if there are many leaks.

For reliable and quality air conditioner repair services in Singapore on Sunday, you should contact us and our nearest technicians will be glad to serve you and restore the proper functioning of your unit.
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