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Disadvantages of Freelance Air-con Servicing

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Disadvantages of Freelance Air-con Servicing

Are you using freelance aircon technicians? Do you feel that you can find a solution to paying lesser billing charges for your next air-condition servicing? Hence, you would have thought of paying lesser by hiring a free-lance technician to provide maintenance for your air-conditioning system. It would wise to engage a professional air-condition service company to supply you with technicians who are certified and have proof of knowledge to repair not only older systems but the latest air-conditioners sold as well.

First of all, through hiring or engaging a free-lance air-conditioner service technician, you would not be assured of their either credentials or their technical and analytical ability to solve a problem which your air-conditioner maybe experiencing. This can be linked with many factors such as they may not be working for any registered businesses or companies which have certifications and experience in providing workers or technicians with the correct set of knowledge and ability to solve technical problems. You may also find it difficult to look for them or track them again to enquire with them should in the event that the work done on the problem or issue recently was not up to standard.

Next, it is a true fact that freelance workers will offer their services for a much lower fee as compared to the professional air-conditioner servicing companies, but with this option, the measure of quality is in question as well. Good quality air-conditioner servicing is delivered through an offer at a reasonable and good price which customers can accept from most professional companies. As there won’t be anyone to monitor their work or job, the quality in their workmanship is either low or very difficult to gauge for customers who do not understand the correct procedures at all.

It is not advisable to hire freelance technicians, as they may be working on the task but would they be updated to the new systems and as well old systems? For most professional companies, they would send their certified technicians for refresher courses and also skill upgrade trainings to ensure that their employees are qualified to handle most situations in requests from customers. For freelance technicians, it is very rare for them to upgrade their skills and knowledge with the same gusto. This is the major difference between the professional technicians and freelance technicians in terms of their ability to answer to requests from customers.

In another situation, let’s say that in the event where the job given out to a freelance air-conditioner technician is not completed and there is a delay. It will bother them if they cannot complete the maintenance, for most will notify you that the job is beyond repair or maintenance and other such related excuses to close their end of the deal and demand payment for their time and services. There will some who have not even done any work to fix the problem and they will accept payment and claim that the system is fixed and vanish altogether with payment and remain un-contactable.

These are most of the disadvantages to consider when making a choice to hiring a air-conditioner servicing technician in future maintenance. It is better to use licensed aircon company such as @bsolute Solutions Pte Ltd, you can save more in the long run.

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