How Frequent Should You Overhaul Your Aircon?

An aircon also referred to as air conditioning unit is one of the most vital equipment that allows us to live indoors comfortable regardless of the weather conditions outside. An air-con could for instance keep your home warm esp when the temperatures outside is too cold. As a result, you can carry on with activities in your home without any deterrence from the weather. Furthemore, the gadgets are also capable of decreasing humidity quite significantly to bearable levels to the point that you will not feel sticky. However, these are not the only functions that air-con units perform. They additionally purify the atmosphere of your home by filtering out mites, smoke particles, and odors. The advancement in the technology of AC units means the manufacturers of the devices are designing and building ACs that deliver quick cooling and save as much as 60% of energy. The modern air conditioners are fitted with built-in stabilizers, anti-dust filters, and auto temperature adjust features that all make it easier for you to enjoy your sleep at night. Even so, it is imperative that the devices undergo overhaul procedures after a certain period of time.


Why It Is Important To Overhaul An Air Conditioner
When aircon overhaul is done on a regular basis, the unit will deliver impressive and peak performance for extended periods of time. There are plenty of reasons why it is important to overhaul your air conditioner. The very first reason for doing so is to ensure the unit is functioning at peak level whenever it is needed most.

Regular servicing additionally makes an air-con more energy efficient. Experts are quick to point the fact that aircon units lose as much as 5% efficiency when servicing is ignored for an entire year. After 3 or even more years, the unit is likely to lose even more efficiency and it will decrease to approximately 15%. Ignoring the overhaul and service procedures is strongly discouraged since this has an adverse effect on the performance of an air conditioning unit.

An overhaul should also be done instances where a resolution of minor issues is needed. If the small problems are ignored, they could get worse the cost of the repairs is bound to skyrocket. Despite this, you will be happy to learn that regular maintenance and overhaul procedures significantly improve the efficiency levels of an air-con system. Research performed over the years indicates that regular servicing could yield as much as 95% in efficiency. As a result, money spent on handling repair and overhaul procedures is recovered quickly through in form of reduced electricity costs as well as reduced repair costs. After an overhaul has been done by a highly skilled technician, then you can rest assured knowing the unit will dehumidify your home even better than before.


How Frequent Should You Overhaul Your Aircon?
This is the million dollar question often asked by concerned air-con owners in Singapore. Professionals in the field recommend a yearly overhaul even if the unit does not have any functional issues. So, once each year will be sufficient. Doing so is a guarantee that your unit will operate at its optimal levels for a long time. Therefore, it will serve you and cool your home during the hot months particularly when you need it most.

While your air conditioner runs, it will definitely accumulate dust and dirt within the critical components such as the filters and condensing coils. Dirt accumulation, when left for an extended period of time, could adversely affect efficiency. Therefore, this checkup procedure should be performed on a regular basis to ensure there is no dust or dirt buildup. An accumulation of dirt particles could reduce efficiency to as low as 5%. Consequently, the unit will not be in a position to cool your home like you would want it to.

During the overhaul, your service company could resort to doing a chemical overhaul and cleaning condenser. This will definitely save you lots of headaches and money. Even though many people consider the condenser to be a simple component, it could easily malfunction if it is not properly washed. Moreover, it could also damage your unit entirely which would make it necessary for you to replace the entire unit. If you own an air-con in Singapore, then it is advisable that you change the filter from time to time. The filter change should be carried out once every thirty days.

The majority of the companies in Singapore that offer cooling and heating services offer low-cost maintenance inspections which prove cost-effective. So, apart from replacing the filter, for instance, a good aircon repair company will clean the whole unit for as little as $60 although others may charge $100 for the services.

The inspection is performed prior to performing an overhaul because it identifies any underlying issues before servicing and repair work is done. Therefore, always call in an expert technician to do the inspection and overhaul procedures at least once each year. This will save you on monthly electricity costs and you will get more efficiency out of your air conditioning unit as well. However, if you choose to ignore these aspects, you may be forced to resort to the more costly option of replacing the entire unit due to major malfunctions.

During the maintenance procedures, technicians will likely check the blower, motor, drain line, operating pressures, coils, operating temperatures, operating pressures, refrigerant levels, supply lines and all connections. These are critical components that should be in proper working condition if an aircon unit is expected to function optimally.

If you would like to call a company to do the overhaul procedures, make sure the technicians working for the company are skilled and licensed in performing the relevant procedures. They should additionally have liability insurance in case of property damage or injury. If your systems is working properly but your preferred service provider is recommending costly parts replacements and repairs, then it may be a good idea to consult other companies prior to authorizing work to be done on your unit. Most units will last more than 15 years particularly if they are looked after properly and also when overhaul procedures are done every year by the right aircon technician.
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