How Proper Aircon Servicing Can Protect You From The Haze Problem?

When smoke, particles, moisture and dust suspended in air blurs your visibility then it is said to be the condition of Haze. Emissions from industrial activities, power plants, traffic, indecent farming practices and burning of forests are the main sources of haze in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and even US. Haze problem takes serious turns every year during the months of May to October in Indonesia when local farmers burn forests to clear the land for cultivation creating unhealthy haze air.

How Aircon Servicing Protect You From The Haze

Small and light particles in unhealthy haze air stay suspended in air for much longer time and are inhaled by humans and animals causing irritation in throat, nose, skin, eyes and airways. Symptoms like running nose, sneezing, dry throat, dry cough and eye irritation are also experienced due to inhaling polluted air. These symptoms can be reduced by reducing your exposure to haze air by confining yourself in a closed room. If your room in Singapore has air conditioner then your condition can be secured to a great extent as it can save you from the exposure to Indonesia haze air for long time if it is properly serviced.

Similarly patients suffering from various other diseases like heart disease, asthma, chronic sinusitis, skin allergy or lung problem should also be protected from unhealthy haze air as it can worsen their condition after inhaling. Such persons can be affected more severely as compared to healthy persons due to their weak immune system. The inhaled minute particles of haze when enter into your bloodstream, by breathing deeply through lungs, get absorbed into the underlying tissues of lungs causing inflammation as they interact with other substances in your body and cause damaging affects.

Proper aircon servicing can protect you from the recent Indonesia haze problem in Singapore as regular maintenance and cleaning of the aircon is extremely important to keep the environment of the room free from dust and dirt. If your aircon is serviced properly and filter is changed at proper time then it can keep your room safe from unhealthy haze air by sucking out the dirt inside the room. It will keep your room clean and healthy.

In normal conditions also frequent aircon servicing is recommended by the experts in this field not only for the longer life of the equipment and reduction of electricity bills but also for the healthy reasons for the people using it. Regular cleaning or replacement of aircon filter enable it to provide you unpolluted air while removing dust and dirt from your room along with moisture through condensation and all these things are the root cause of haze. So it is safer to be in a room having properly serviced aircon at the time of Indonesia haze problem in Singapore.

Thus, you can be saved from the bad affects of unhealthy haze air in Singapore if your aircon servicing is done properly by keeping you away from the recent Indonesia haze problem. So it is advisable to maintain your aircon perfectly by servicing in in regular interval.
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