How To Do Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning In Singapore?

How To Do Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning In Singapore?
An air conditioner has two coils, evaporator coil and a condenser coil, and is made using copper tubes with thin aluminum fins. Mostly, the evaporator coil is referred to as cold coil as it provides indoor cooling, and works by absorbing heat from indoor air blown by air handler's fan. On the other hand, the evaporator coil is referred to as "warm" coil as it rejects heat when fan blows outer air over the surface.

The air that moves over the coil contains dirt, dust, pollen and various other contaminant that may collect over it with time, thereby making them less efficient. Additionally, the evaporator coil and condensate pan may get fouled with mold spores, pollen and various other bio contaminants that may affect the air quality and health of people inside the building or offices. The moisture buildup around the evaporator coil can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Dirty coils means wastage of energy
The coil with grime and dirt won't supply efficient heat transfer and would result in high energy consumption (about 44 percent more) than clean coils. Dirty coils also increase operating temperature and pressure leading to breakdown of compressor lubricants. So the best way to deal with the problem is Aircon chemical cleaning on regular basis, because failed compressor means costly repairs and cooling.

Cleaning coils with air and chemicals
An extensive Aircon chemical servicing for coils is best when instituted when coils are clean and new, and should be performed at regular intervals to prevent deterioration of coils.

How to clean air conditioner coils?
If condenser and evaporator coils are contaminated with light dirt and dust, a low pressure compressed air is first blown through the coil followed by a soft bristle brush to remove the collected dust and contaminants. Aircon chemical servicinf also involves application of mild detergent or chemical solution on the surface, which is allowed to sit for some time and then rinsed using clean water.

Coils can also be steam cleaned but may need extra care. Steam is always applied at low pressure and is kept parallel to the condenser fins for preventing the folding of fins. Aircon may also use garden type special sprayer for applying foaming chemicals on the coil surface. This foam is allowed to sit on the surface of find for some time. It is then vacuumed up and the process is again repeated. Finally, this coil is rinsed with clean water using a hose.

Aircon chemical cleaning may also involve pressure washers for cleaning the coils. Pressure cleaning is only done on select models of air conditioners and is done in the opposite direction of the air flow through the coil. They take care when using pressure washer to avoid damaging fins on the tubes.

Coil cleaning chemicals
Aircon chemical cleaning uses various alkaline and acid based cleaners for cleaning air conditioner coils. These chemicals a specially formulated for the coils and can clean by initiating a chemical reaction between the coil surface and the cleaner. Are you interested in a professional company in Singapore for the maintenance of your air conditioning units, including chemical cleaning of their coils on regular basis? If so, then immediately get in touch with

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