How To Fix A Noisy Aircon?

A reliable air-conditioner is crucial in keeping a household comfortable particularly during the hot season and if you are living in countries near the equator like Singapore. Has your Aircon already served you for a couple of years and it currently emit weird noises? There are several possible causes that can be associated to this problem so a casual homeowner who knows nothing about Aircon repair will most likely end up wasting a lot of time and effort trying to personally fix it. Availing the services of a reputable company to help you repair a noisy Aircon should be your last option as it would mean added expenses.

How To Fix a Noisy Aircon

Good news is that personally repairing this kind of Aircon problem is possible by simply following these simple but proven effective guidelines:

Be aware about your Aircon's warranty status

Before you start unscrewing your AC unit and replacing probable broken parts, check its warranty status. If it is still covered by a warranty, bring it to the retailer and let them do the fix. You actually paid for the warranty so you should get the most out of it. This option involves no expense and hassle on your part making it the best method to repair any kind of Aircon problem.

Identify the cause

The most common causes of strange noises coming out from an Air-conditioning unit, is loose screws. Regardless how well you install an Aircon, it tends to degrade along with time. This is true especially for mounted air-conditioner units. On the other hand, this problem can also be brought upon by a damaged Aircon motor. This is the most important part of an air-conditioning unit so replacing it requires a lot of effort and time. Although rare, noisy Aircon can also happen due to damaged or blocked air filter. Checking this problem should be your priority especially if you reside near the roads, beach, or if your air-conditioner is exposed to a dusty environment.

Acquire the needed repair tools and guides

If you are really serious about repairing a noisy Aircon on your own, be sure to acquire the right tools. There are a number of local and online retailers in Singapore that can help you in this situation. A complete set ranging from small screwdrivers to powerful drills will surely be handy especially if you are dealing with a serious AC problem.

Choose high-quality Aircon replacement parts

AC replacement parts can be bought from a number of sources in Singapore. To avoid making the wrong decision, you must follow one simple rule which is to select replacement parts of high quality. Keep in mind that there's no point of saving a few dollars while buying air-conditioner replacement parts if they'll only be dysfunctional after a couple of days and introduce more problems.

Let a professional AC repair company solve the problem

After investigating and finding out that the problem you are dealing with is beyond your DIY knowledge and skills, your best option is to contact the nearest reputable Aircon repair company in Singapore. Don't worry about overspending in the process since majority of AC repair companies nowadays offer high-quality services at a very reasonable price to stay competitive.
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