How To Fix A Water Leaking Air Conditioner?

Aircon Leaking Water
How To Fix A Water Leaking Air Conditioner?

Having aircon water leaking issue? When it comes to fixing a water leaking air conditioner, it is important to consider a few crucial aspects. Usually, there are three common reasons for this specific problem that include blocked drains, heat exchanging coils or dirty filters, shortage of refrigerant. They are fairly simple to identify and repair.

Dirty Filters:

If the heat exchanging coils or filters are unclean, then it can lead to restricted air flow. The restricted air flow could cause the coil temperature to decrease. When the coil temperature becomes negative, it makes the moisture present in the air to freeze up and create small ice flakes, which cause water leakage when they melt.

First, check the filters, and if they are grimy, clean the dirt off well by using a hosepipe. Make sure to remove all dirt and grime. Use an antiseptic spray to kill any bacteria or other germs that may be present on them. Inspect the aluminum coil. If it is dirty, vacuum the coil thoroughly by using your vacuum cleaner. In case it is covered with a lot of grime and dirt, try cleaning it with a sturdy kitchen cleaner or a backyard spray bottle. Spray on the coil, and after five minutes or so, rinse it off with the spray bottle. This is necessary for improving the air flow and removing any accumulated dirt or grime. Always make sure to read the instructions manual for air conditioner carefully before embarking on the cleaning job.

Blocked Drains:

Blocked drains are another problem that could cause the air conditioner to leak. On a wall mounted air conditioner, clogged drains can be identified fairly easily. Most of the time, the water leaks from the back of the unit or it may also drip through the air outlet in the front if the drain is clogged.

Check the air conditioner thoroughly by standing on a small ladder. Inspect the little tray under the heat exchanger that is used to collect the condensate generated through the cooling mode of the AC unit. Make sure it is not full or overflowing. If the outdoor is located right behind the wall the indoor unit is fixed, the drain pipe will usually drip into your backyard, following the pipe work. In such scenario, clean the end of the pipe outside, which should be enough for clearing any sort of blockages. If you are unable to clean the blockage yourself, make sure to call for the professional assistance right away.

Refrigerant Loss:

When your air filters and heat exchanger are working fine, your unit must be able to provide a lot of cool air. If the unit fails to provide enough cooling air to the room for first a few hours, and then begins leaking water, there may be some wrong with the refrigerant.

First of all, change the setting of your heat pump to lowest and allow it to run for some time. Now, check the heat exchanging coil under the filters. If the coil is covered with ice, then your air conditioner has a water leakage and needs a professional service to repair it. If you are unable to fix the problem, contact the local air conditioning company.
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