Is Daikin A Good Aircon Brand in Singapore?

With Singapore being a hot climate country throughout the year, fresh air circulation can appear to be minimized. Fresh air is essential to a person’s well being and quality of life. The government of Singapore as raised standards in the energy efficient designs of buildings. This raises insulation levels higher and reduces the heating and cooling demands in buildings. Despite this, stale air can still be trapped and lead to an increase in condensation, which can eventually cause mold, and long lasting odors.

Is Daikin A Good Aircon Brand In Singapore?

Daikin provides a variety in air handling, air purifications, as well as ventilation solutions to assist in providing a healthy, comfortable, and fresh environment in commercial and residential environments. There are so many benefits that make it worthwhile to consider choosing this aircon system for your home or office. They include:

Quality and durability

The excellent technology has a first class quality. The manufacturer is so confident of their products reliability and quality and that why they offer their customers a long-term warranty of five years all purchased and installed products. They also have in-house service department that ensures that buyers get prompt and outstanding after sales support. The model is worry-free with air swings that have minimum functioning noise, automatic restart, and timers.

Energy efficiency

Numerous air conditioning systems of this model have been presented with the top Energy Saver Award. This simply means that the aircon is recognized with the government as one of the most energy efficient products available in the market. Furthermore, the manufacturers of the outstanding technology have invested billions of dollars and over 80 years in analysis as well as developments in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, and electronics. Without this, producing air conditioning products that are reliable, simple to use, quiet and energy efficient could not be a possible dream. The product comes with reluctance DC motors that can enhance efficiency levels to about 20%. The Pulse Amplitude Modulation also makes the aircon offer energy efficiency without diminishing its performance.

Intelligent eye

There is no limitation with the eco conscious air conditioner. It is suitable for an office with over 20 people and you do not need to have two accounts. Two tons of the air conditioning system is sufficient to serve all of them. It has instant cooling feature, which adjust your body temperature to give proper cooling in both hot and wet weathers. It is just perfect for whichever climate. This feature is known as intelligent eye and it is indeed very intelligent. The temperature automatically changes by monitoring your body temperature. There is no need to stretch for the remote at all giving you a worry-free sleep. When leaving the room for more than 20 minutes the energy saving operation is activated automatically. This saves up to 30% in heating and 20% in cooling.

Comfortable airflow

The aircon system has various features that permit the airflow to be managed as needed dependant on where in the house the air is required and whether the demand is for cooling or heating.

Sensitive choice

This is the only authorized aircon manufacturer approved by National Asthma Council to display butterfly symbol of sensitive choice. This helps buyers suffering from allergies and asthma to easily identify the aircon. Actually all split system air-conditioners come packaged with an air-purifying filter.

Additional features

Its powerful mode gives a boost of 20 minutes to either heating or cooling power. This allows a faster delivery of the desired temperature. It can be used even in cases when the unit is functioning at high capacity. The programme dry offers priority to minimizing the humidity instead of providing cooling.

Indoor fan quiet mode installed in the air conditioner decreases noise levels thus giving a comfortable environment during hot temperatures at night. This enables easier sleep. The outdoor unit also has a similar function. The mold proof operation makes the fan run automatically for one hour on ultra low to block accumulation of mold and mold odors. To top it up, the remote control has malfunction codes that allow prompt diagnosis of any difficulties and speedy resolution.

If you are the kind of person who leads a modern day lifestyle and need technology that has good features then this is the appropriate air conditioning system that can keep up with your lifestyle. It is important you buy from a registered approved dealer.


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