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Is It Safe To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

Aircon Servicing DIY

Is It Safe To Do DIY Aircon Servicing?

Planning to service your air conditioner yourself? The weather, the heat in Singapore is the same as the costs of Singapore; ever so rising, and it will continue to rise. It is in every Singaporean to save and cut our daily costs, expenditure especially when it comes to electrical and daily items that are commonly used in households, or work area.

In more recent times DIY (do it yourself) has made a huge come back with our modern generation. It is always good to self improve and also up your knowledge with the regular items that we use often, so we can extent the life span of things, also avoid damages by maintaining and with help not only from ourselves but including help from the professionals. The question is; can we do air-conditioning general service by ourselves? The answer is yes. However, it comes with “shades of grey”; DIY comes with its perks, and most importantly to note: its disadvantages. Those are what we must really watch out and be-careful of, because there are times such DIYs methods might turn out to be more time consuming and costly compared to getting your friendly professional A/C servicing.

Our air-conditioning unit/s needs to be cleaned totally inside and out, on average at least 3 times yearly (professionally), depending on the usage and also the type of A/C unit/s one uses. Everything can be found on the internet these days, and with some people (generally men) they are able, willing and have ways with regular maintenances around the house.

With the assistance of home DIY equipments and professional guidelines, it is possible to do general A/C services/ cleaning by yourself. However, if one is not a professional and specialized in A/Cs, the general advice is to get the professionals to do it EVEN if you think it is possible to routinely clean by it yourself. It is said that the best time to service your air-conditioning it is before it actually needs one. We cannot emphasize enough how important regular maintenance or cleaning is and that should be done regularly, whether it is your own DIY cleaning to make sure the A/C unit is clean, also the routine professional maintenances done and called in (few times) yearly for your units.

There are certain things you “can do-it-yourself” as part of your general air-conditioning servicing routine to prevent any major damages and additional costs from your professional a/c services, if they happen to find anything else wrong besides your routine maintaining and cleaning. For example, the filters of the A/C units in your rooms/spaces, they should be changed or washed every month or so. Other than a regular filter, there are also others parts which can be use, but it is best to consult professional air-conditioning company. You can also ask them for advice on cost saving tips, as surely they would share some advice/tips according to your A/C.

All units would have manuals to show simple things to do, like how to open your metal casing, filter and grill so that one can open their A/C to carefully clear out any debris with a vacuum cleaner. Also for room A/Cs, while doing your routine maintenances, one person may be able to charge the unit with refrigerant by themselves, but you still need to consult the maintenance manual for the absolute correct instructions.

It is important to note if you have central air or with central air, you should have regular routine maintenances done by your professional few times yearly, or as advised. IF you unsure about servicing your aircon, you may look for professional company.

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