Is Steam Cleaning Harmful For Aircon Coils?

Steam cleaning of aircon coils is not a best option always (especially when done by a novice) because steam causes excessive pressure build up and can burst your tubing or coils if they're any weak spot. The highest pressure that a suction line will ever see is around 175 psi at rest.


What's the best option?
The best option is to call a aircon service company in Singapore. Their experts use special coil cleaners that work efficiently and do the job within minutes. They also use the right equipment and tools for the job without using too much pressure on coils.

Chemical Cleaning Fan Coil/ Condenser
The chemical cleaning cost for fan coil may vary with the number of coils. A powerful and large aircon in Singapore may have many coils, while smaller one may have just one. So a unit with just one coil may cost a lot less than a unit with multiple coils. However, the aircon service company will charge you much less per coil if you hire them for the job, especially if you have multiple machines in your premises.

Chemical Cleaning Will Cost you More
Many Singapore based aircon companies use chemicals to clean air conditioning. Chemicals are more effective as they go through the entire unit to remove even a tiny bit of debris, and can be easily used where a typical serving process won't work. In fact, their engineers may even use chemicals to drain out different parts, including a vacuum drainage system. The cost, as discussed above, depends on the coils of the unit.

Reasons why Aircon Coils Chemical wash is a Much Better Option
Prevent hitches

If the AC is not properly cleaned, there can be many things that can happen and can mare the performance of any AC unit. The build up of mold and bacteria can lead to clogging of AC. If this is allowed to continue for some time, the machine might break down and even water may start dripping. Sometimes this dripping can occur on your valuable assets and can damage them. Chemical wash on regular basis in Singapore can ensure that the AC is running to its full efficiency and will help increase the life of your machine.

To prevent breakdown of the machine
Ordinary cleaning of AC aircon coils can open up equipment to remove all accumulated dirt but if not done carefully it can damage the AC permanently. A chemical wash ensures that cleaning is carried out while the AC is intact and therefore it is easy to minimize the risk of damage. This helps to improve on the life of the machine.

Steam Cleaning

To prevent bad odors in the air
Failure to properly clean the AC may even lead to bad odors in home or in the office. The action of all accumulated mold or bacteria on the deposited diet may lead to bad smells. So aircon chemical cleaning is one of the best ways to kill these bacteria and consequently the most effective way to ensure that the air is of high quality.

Better health
Chemical cleaning of air conditioning unit and aircon coils also ensures that the device provides safe air for breathing. The AC is an expensive device and therefore it could lead to long term health repercussions if it supplies you contaminated air.

Improve overall efficiency
There's nothing important than a properly working machine. An efficient AC will not only ensure you don't spend sleepless nights just because it has failed at night but will also ensure your overall health. Chemical cleaning ensures long overall working efficiency of your AC and it will continue to work for years.

What about a more intensive service?
At times, mere chemical cleaning is not enough. When unit fails to work, is leaking, of it not managing the condensate efficiently as it should, an overhaul is required. Sometimes, some parts may need to be drained or some may need replacement. It can be a expensive process, but compared to the value of AC, plus services, it pays to have the machine overhauled for it to remain fully functional. The cost may vary from one service provider to the other. It's good to compare prices before hiring a service. You may pay a good amount for air conditioning service so it's best to hire a good company.

Why Should You Choose A Reputable Air Conditioner Repair Service Company?
If you reside in Singapore, you must understand the significance of your aircon and regular cleaning of aircon coils. You need to take good care of your unit, and when necessary, you need to hire a good aircon repair service. Many local companies have the necessary expertise to solve all your aircon issues. However, not all of them can offer best service to their customers. When choosing a aircon service, you need to take a close look at ht company and choose the best one according to your needs.

Aircon Coils

Professional experts
This is the biggest reason why you should choose a good company. They're professionals who know how to resolve any issue with your aircon unit. They are trained well and have proper skills and knowledge in this industry. They can provide high quality aircon services because of this reason. They can visit your place when you have any issue with your aircon. They also guarantee their work.

They can work with all brands
When you work with a good company, you can rely on their service quality. They know how to resolve the problems with your brand. They will use genuine spare parts and will guarantee their performance. You can contact them anytime you face any issue. Contact them today if you face any issue with your aircon brand, such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Daikin, etc.

Reliable evaluation service
If you really want to feel comfortable on your premises, you need to consider using a reliable aircon installation and repair service. These experts also offer professional evaluation service and you can contact them for free. Their evaluation process can detect all issues and possible problems with your aircon.

Friendly customer service
Experts offer high quality customer service to all clients. You just need to contact them when you want to discuss anything about your needs. You can easily save lot of time and money when you hire them. You can easily contact them online or via phone.

Guaranteed service
This is another important feature that they offer for their customers. You can rely on their guaranteed service. They offer comprehensive warranty, so when you're not happy with the results you can contact them at your convenience. Therefore, you won't have to worry about their service quality.
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