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Air conditioners are important additions to any building and should be among the priority features when shopping for new homes and BTOs. In sophisticated regions like Singapore, most homes and buildings include air conditioner units with varying features and benefits. There are various types of aircon's you will run into. However, not all of them will meet your unique requirements. It is therefore important to keenly review each offer. VRV and VRF aircon's are some of the most popular in HVAC systems for various obvious reasons. They use less energy and use the same refrigerators for cooling and heating. While using and maintaining them is usually an effortless process, you will still incur aircon servicing fees and supplies. There are a few things you need to take note of.

Aircon Servicing

What is VRV aircon servicing?

Essentially, VRV aircon servicing is no different from the service work done to other air conditioners. It simply involves removing replaceable parts like filters and dusting off grime and dirt that has accumulated over time. It is a basic maintenance procedure meant to increase longevity of tour conditioners and prevent high energy bills witnessed when you fail to service the aircon's. However, this servicing is not often a DIY activity and may require assistance from professionals who are experienced in that field. VRV aircon's are slightly different from other models and can be daunting to dissemble, clean, service and assemble back to place. Servicing these aircon's also involve the use of specific tools and equipment which you are less likely to own. Nonetheless, some people (who have had experience in the industry) choose to service their aircon's independent of professional assistance.

What are the benefits?

The advantages of servicing your VRV aircon are quite obvious and straightforward. As mechanical components, air conditioners are prone to breakdowns, damages and impacts of the elements. These damages can happen too often if the aircon is left for lengthy periods without servicing. Just like car engines need service, aircon systems can hardly survive without such services. In fact, you risk damaging the entire system to an irreparable state if you try using them without proper service. Dirt and dust can reduce the efficiency of your aircon leading to increased energy consumption and poor air quality. Without servicing the aircon, it will use more electricity without ever meeting your desired cooling or heating. It may also develop various mechanical issues and low performance. Servicing simply maintains your aircon at optimum working conditions and keeps your system running for many years before breaking down.

Aircon Servicing

How to find servicing professionals and businesses

As aforementioned, there are many businesses that specialize in offering VRV aircon servicing and finding them should not be an overwhelming experience. However, some offers you get will simply never satisfy your requirements. There are different types of VRV air conditioners and each design model has its unique features and methods of servicing. While some professionals simply have limited capacity to effectively handle your requirements, others are unprofessional technicians with the least accountability and quality guarantee. Nonetheless, there are a couple of reliable professionals and businesses and they have hallmarking attributes that you can use to distinguish them from others. Some of the things to look at before hiring VRV aircon servicing companies or professionals include the following:

• Reputation and experience –

Aircon servicing companies that have consistently provided top quality satisfactory services will definitely have a good reputation in the area. You can gauge reputation by simply looking at reviews, compliments and testimonials of previous clients and their experiences. Expert review companies also provide more insights on how well a given company can meet your needs. It is also advisable to choose long serving experienced companies. While some new aircon businesses have the capacity to offer top quality services, it is still reasonable to check what the experienced businesses have. They probably have streamlined service delivery frameworks perfected over the years and definitely showcase profound knowledge learnt from their services.

• Quality guarantees –

Aircon servicing may lead to optimum performance or simply cause more damages to your system. It is therefore important to choose businesses and/or professionals who can guarantee high quality output and standards. They should be a credible licensed business insured to protect your system from damages and negligence. What’s more, they should have provisions to redo the assignment in case they fail to meet agreed standards in the initial attempt.

Aircon Servicing

• Professionalism –

It is always recommendable to choose trained professionals who are allowed to provide the service within your region. They should have the skills and license to operate and must depict accountability at all levels. Aspects of communication, customer service and inquiry assistance must all be professionally handled.

There are many other minor elements to keenly review when looking for professional aircon businesses that can service your VRV aircon system. Use of high quality replacement materials, compliance with OSHA requirements, flexibility, convenience and affordability are all important aspects of the service. It is generally discouraged to attempt servicing aircon's alone as you may end up damaging other parts of the system and incurring more costs on repair. The experts will cover their own damages and ensure your system is running efficiently before they leave. They simply have the experience, skills, tools and motivation to achieve the feat.

Finding VRV aircon servicing

Most aircon businesses and professionals already own official websites and online platforms where information about their offers including how to contact and hire their services is provided. The procedure is as simple as searching for businesses close to your residence and then comparing them using the above insights. Once you have a few potential offers, compare their reputation, guarantees and affordability. You priority should be finding professionals who can meet your requirements at the most affordable cost without compromising on quality.


Aircon servicing is an inevitable expense you will incur from time to time. It is therefore important to ensure you get quality services that will help maintain and improve the longevity of your system. Without proper servicing, the system will depreciate much quickly and you may encounter various inconveniences that range from increased energy bills to poor cooling/heating and polluted indoor air quality. The advice is to use services from credible licensed air conditioner businesses.
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