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What Are The Benefits Of General Aircon Servicing

General Aircon Servicing

Benefits of General Air-con Servicing

Planning to do a general servicing for your aircon? In Singapore's hot and humid weather, having air-conditioners installed in homes and offices are common place. As the air is humid, using fans alone generally do not suffice as fans merely circulate humid air which does not give you the cool and refreshing comfort that you desired. Furthermore, it is not possible to only install fans in offices especially if offices are windowless or high rise offices where windows must be shut intact. Without the cool air from the air-conditioners, workers will not be able to concentrate in their work; at home it is almost impossible to sleep well, particularly during the hottest months like February and August. Besides homes and offices, you can also enjoy air-conditioning comfort during your retail therapy in shopping malls or over meals in restaurants / food courts.

As having air-conditioners are of paramount importance for your comfort and well-being in this tropical country, you need to know how to maintain the air-conditioners as well, so that your daily activities and personal lives are not disrupted. Does cleaning the exterior of the air-conditioning unit suffice? What about the compressors? How should they be maintained?

To solve this, you need to service the air-conditioning units; this is similar to you sending your car for servicing after reaching a certain mileage or after a period of time. In this case, for maintenance of air-conditioning units, you call upon the air-conditioning service companies to clean your air-conditioning units when these units are still working, probably with minor problems but not only when they have completely broken down!

The general air-conditioner servicing include having the filters and coils of each air-conditioning units vacuumed and cleaned by the workers and parts lubricated, where applicable. They will also clean the compressor – general cleaning or more thorough washing, depending on the amount of dirt accumulated. After the cleaning, they will also test that the cooling and control of all units are functioning well.

Why do you need to service the air-conditioning units? Just as much as you want your car to be an efficient, reliable and road-worthy vehicle, you would also want your air-conditioner to be in tip-top condition that will provide you with fresh clean cool air in an efficient manner as and when you want and need. If the air-conditioner is not serviced, it will become dusty and will not work well. So instead of circulating clean filtered air, you would be breathing in filthy air, which is bad for your health, especially detrimental to those susceptible to sinus, asthmatic attacks or eczema.

At times after long usage, you may also hear noises coming from the air-conditioner units for no apparent reasons, thereby disrupting your beauty sleep. Further, having dust means the air-conditioning units will not be operating in an efficient manner, hence the energy required will be higher or you would need to adjust the air-conditioner temperature to one that is lower than normal for the same level of comfort previously enjoyed when the air-conditioners were new, inadvertently leading to more hefty electricity bills.

How often should you have your air-conditioner serviced then? For heavy usage, servicing on a quarterly basis i.e. every three months is recommended. For less regular usage, half-yearly servicing could be considered, however, the age of the air-conditioning units have to be taken into account when considering less frequent servicing.

For assurance of consistent and perfect provision of clean refreshing air at the right temperature, remember to service your air-conditioning units regularly for the cool and quiet comfort that you can’t live without. In addition, calling the air-conditioning service man regularly means the repair man will be kept at bay and your air-conditioner will last longer and operate as good as new – definitely for more than 10 years!  

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