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What is Air-con Servicing?

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What is Air-con Servicing?

Air con servicing is a check-up done by professionals that involve basic cleaning and a diagnosis of your air con's efficiency. Besides helping you clean the dirt and grime that has clogged up in the air con unit, the servicemen will help to troubleshoot potential problems that might lower your air con's efficiency. This includes identifying faulty air con parts, spotting the growth of mould and bacteria, checking the air pressure in the gas pipe and testing the condenser unit. Thereafter, the servicemen will propose additional services like a chemical wash or a part replacement if necessary.

Servicing should be done on a regular basis. If you are the sort who only starts looking for an air con servicing company when the your air con starts to blow hot air or bad smells and make weird sounds when turned on, you are racking up an unnecessarily huge repair bill. Problems are always easier and cheaper to fix when nipped in the bud.

It can be likened to the purpose of car servicing which is often recommended to be done twice a year. The car mechanics help you to do a thorough check on the car's chassis, engine and electrical wiring. If necessary, they will advise you to change certain faulty parts to prevent the problem from exacerbating. This gives you a peace of mind to drive the car as you know that a sudden breakdown is unlikely. Similarly, regular air con servicing assures you that you will not ever have to go without a night of air conditioning in humid Singapore due to breakdowns.

A regularly serviced air con unit is said to be able to maintain up to 95% of its original capacity and works like brand new. It is recommended that one services their air con 3 to 4 times annually i.e. every 3 months. This may vary for different air con brands or models and is also dependent on the frequency of usage. Air con servicing companies do provide yearly contracts and this will help you to save costs and the trouble of having to remember when your air con is due for service. Do keep the purchase warranty and the service warranty in safe places as you may be able to make claims for any parts replacements or persistent problems after a servicing job.

Remember to also clean the outer panel and the air filter of your air con every fortnight. This is easily done by using a wet cloth to clear accumulated dust and dirt. This can help to prevent clogging and the breeding of microorganisms. But servicing by professionals will still be necessary because there are parts inside the unit that you cannot reach. Regular cleaning however helps to make the job simpler for the servicemen and generally ensures you are minimizing future air con issues. Make an appointment with a reputable air con servicing company today and remember that cost is often directly proportional to the quality of work done. Do not scrimp and save now only to incur hefty repair bills in the future!


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