When Does an Aircon Need Chemical Cleaning?

Living in a tropical country like Singapore, a room with an aircon unit could be the most ideal place to escape the scorching heat of the environment. But what if the aircon unit you are expecting to provide relief malfunctioned? You would not jump into conclusion of buying a new one, would you? Of course, it is more practical to have your unit repaired or maintained.

There are a number of indications that can help you determine when to seek aircon chemical servicing. These may include slow air cooling ability, water leak problems and foul smell from the unit. If you notice any of these indications, then your unit will probabaly demand for an aircon chemical wash.

When Does Aircon NEed Chemical Cleaning

Aircon Chemical Wash: Repair or Maintenance?

Aircon chemical wash is more of a maintenance procedure than repair. Basically, aircon chemical wash is similar to ordinary aircon washing procedures. But from the name itself, chemical wash uses specialized cleaning solutions that can thoroughly clean the internal parts of an air conditioner. Somehow, aircon chemical wash can be considered as repair because it can fix the problems that an ordinary cleaning procedure fails to solve.

How Does Aircon Chemical Wash Being Done?

This procedure can be performed by a professional technician. Fortunately, there are already companies in Singapore that provide chemical wash servicing. In fact, most of them have company websites to make their services highly accessible.

It has to be emphasized that this procedure can only be done by a professional technician as it involves dismantling of the unit. Aside from that, exposure to industrial chemicals can also be hazardous if they are not handled properly. The purpose of dismantling the unit is to remove even the tiniest dirt that had accumulated over time. The drainage and the pipes are often the parts that ordinary cleaning misses to clean, so it doesn't completely resolve the problem. With chemical wash, the dirt inside the drainage and the pipe which are quite unreachable can now be easily removed using water pressure and chemical solution. The condenser, evaporator coils and filters are also immersed with the chemical solution to dissolve all sorts of dirt.

Additional aircon chemical services are also provided in conjunction with the chemical wash. These include checking of the controls and thermostats, charging of the refrigerant and testing of the unit. This is the reason why chemical servicing is also called as chemical overhauling because it aims to make the unit as good as new.

How Often Does Your Aircon Unit Need Chemical Wash?

Typically, it is highly recommended for new units to have it done once a year. For older units, however, it may need twice or more depending on the condition. Those units that are not used for quite a long time will definitely need chemical washing in order for them to work properly.
Advantages of Regular Aircon Chemical Servicing

Timely aircon chemical servicing or even the usual maintenance can bring about a number of advantages. First, you will notice that your aircon can cool the room faster. The electrical consumption will be lowered as well. Water leaking can also be minimized. Frequent aircon repairs will not be necessary too and your aircon unit's lifespan can be prolonged.

You can actually do maintenance procedure yourself such as cleaning the filter and the outer panel of your unit with two weeks interval. If your unit manifests symptoms of malfunctions, then you shouldn't have any second thoughts of calling for a professional aircon chemical servicing company.
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