Why My Aircon Is Smelly When Set At A Higher Temperature?

Air conditioners are used throughout the year in the country Singapore because of the humid climate. An extensive use like this one may lead to reduced functioning efficiency of the air conditioner. The major problem would be the aircon smelly problem especially when set at high temperatures. If this happens, it is highly recommended that you seek for professional help from the Air-con Servicing Singapore.

 Why Aircon Is Smelly When Set At A Higher Temperature?

Air-con is very useful and the people from Singapore cannot do without it. Therefore, regular maintenance, servicing as well as Aircon repair is also very important so as to prevent this from happening. It will also ensure a longer life span of the air-con unit. Some of the reasons as to why  Aircon may be smelly if set at higher temperatures

The leaking of the air-con gas
Non-inverter air-con uses Freon as a coolant gas. Freon gas is safe for use until when your air-con develops a leak. The leaking of this gas has been very dangerous since the gas itself is very harmful if released to the environment. This problem may also make your air-con to be smelly. To prevent this, you should regularly check your air-con and if the leakage occurs you are required to engage a professional contractor in air-cons to come and fix the problem. The professional will also be capable to replace the Freon gas that has leaked. The major idea of this point is that when repairing or servicing your air-con you should always go for a professional as well as reliable contractor to come and fix the problem on your behalf.

The fan coil is very dirty
Some people may tend to think that some dirt and dust sticking on your fan coil shall not lead to any damage to the air-con unit. They are wrong since that is not the case. The truth is that dirty fan coil shall directly affect the air-con efficiency in the heat transfer. If there is a lot of dust and dirt building up on the surface of air-con, the fan coil shall not be capable to generate cool air perfectly. This will make the air-con to function harder than normal in order to maintain or cool down your room temperature.

Ordinary cleaning as well as maintenance shall assist the air-con to work more effectively. A professional contractor shall have the equipped skills as well as special tools in order to do the right cleaning and remove all the dust and dirt from the fan coils without necessarily damaging the cooling system. For you to be able to end this problem you are supposed to get a skilled professional contractor to come and do the usual servicing for the air-con unit. After this, surely you will be capable to get the maximum efficiency as well as reduced electricity bills.

Bending of the condenser fins
Air-con condensers are normally built using the fins so as to enable the radiation of the heat to be faster thereby making the air-con unit to work better. If the fins are broken or bent, the performance decreases. The fan coils still have those fins though the risks of getting damaged are not high as in the condenser. The condenser is fixed outside the window and therefore has got greater exposure to nature the destruction such as thunderstorm or rain. Even the small animals may be having the tendency to bend on your condenser fins. If you opt for a normal air-con servicing, the professional shall check on your condenser fins in order to make sure that the air-con system will run effectively. You should not try to do it yourself since the fins are very delicate as well as fine and requires a unique “comb”.

Many of the people normally takes the air-con unit for granted and assumes that it does not require any regular servicing which is very wrong. Eventually, your system starts to get smelly as well as throwing tanturn thereby making people to panic and go for professional help. Generally, having a regular servicing shall benefit you in the long run since it will be taken care of throughput the entire year. You can simply find a specialist in Singapore to be doing the service on your behalf. The above points will also help you minimize the aircon smelly problem. You can try them and they will work out fine for you.

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