What Causes Smelly Aircon & How To Fix It?

Getting Rid of Smell and Offensive Smells and Keeping Air Conditioning Systems Repaired Properly

Homeowners are normally faced with a wide variety of different challenges. Some of the more common involves paying the monthly mortgage payment and maintaining the home so that it will stay in good condition. Summer time is critical for many things since the weather is often hot and muggy. In fact, it is during these times that each homeowner is responsible for the air conditioners in the home cooling the entire home all the way thru.

In order for a homeowner to make sure everything is well-maintained, there are some things that they will need to learn about their air conditioning systems, which includes understanding where different smells come from and how to resolve them to keep the home smelly clean and fresh. With this being said, here’s several distinct smells that people normally recognize and how they can be eliminated.

Smelly Aircon

Air conditioning Unit Smells Like Mildew

When a homeowner does not take time to clean their air conditioning systems on a regular basis, they may find that there are a wide variety of different odors that will plague the family until they have been taken care of. One in specific is the smell of mildew since it can be found in a/c units that retain excess moisture. This excess moisture normally leads to fungus and mildew growing in these systems.

When a homeowner recognizes this kind of smell, they need to pay special attention so that they can contact a profession to assist with eliminating the moldy and offense smell. Professional air conditioning repair specialists are equipped with the knowledge of completely removing these smells in a quick and effective manner. For instance, one of the first things that they will do is to drain out the excess water in the aircon unit and then replace the air filter with a new one.

A/C Smell Like Gun Powder

Sometimes a homeowner may begin to smell an odor that causes them to be very concerned. Because some smells tend to indicate that there is some sort of electrical problem, people do not want their homes to catch on fire. So, when this smell is noticed in the air conditioning system unit, the owner of the home and their families will normally address it immediately to prevent critical and costly problems from occurring. For this reason, one of the first things a professional will do is to check the AC for a shorted out fan motor or circuit board. Once the problem has been identified, the solution that many professional recommend right away is replacing old aging parts that need to be removed.

A/C Smells Like a Skunk

There is no smell more offensive that the smell of a dead skunk. So, for homeowners who identify this kind of smell, this is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Because this smell is so overwhelming, the air conditioning unit will need to be turned off immediately. Once the owner has turned the system off, they can begin to identify and correct the problem. In this situation, the smell of a dead skunk is normally indicative of gas leaking out of the air conditioning.

For instance, people normally notice a skunk smell when the gas leak is made up of methyl mercaptan. The smell of the gas methyl mercaptan is very similar to skunk spray so it can be quickly identified. It is also important to note that this smell means its actually an emergency situation that will need to be responded as soon as someone in the family reports it. Also, one of the first things the owner and the family needs to do is get out of the home. Once everybody is out of the home, its best to contact a HVAC technician to correct these issues.

A/C Smell Like Old Socks

Another smell that most people find very offensive is that of a smelly sock. Unfortunately, when the air conditioning is having certain problems, the smell that the family will have to deal with is stinky feet. Normally, when the family begins to smell stinky feet, its because the air conditioner is clogged up and stagnant water is beginning to collect in its system. In this situation, the homeowner can contact a professional aircon agency so that they perform the appropriate cleaning methods in order to clear out the clog.

A/C Smells Like Sewage

No one likes to smell sewage in their homes at any point in time. Since the smell of sewage can come from inside the home’s drainage system, it can be a very scary problem that no homeowner or family wants to experience. In some cases, the smell of sewage may be coming from the air conditioning unit because of a ruptured sewer vent pipe. This pipe is located near the duct system and will need to be replaced in the event there is a serious problem. People will also smell a hint of sewage when methane gas is being released. Which means, its important for the homeowner to pay special attention so that they can contact a HVAC technician to correct the problem that the family is experiencing.

A/C Smells Like a Dead Animal and Rotten Eggs

Sometimes the smell that comes from an air conditioning system can be very pungent. In fact, if the air conditioning has not been turned on for awhile, the smell can run the entire family out of the home. Unfortunately, this kind of problem may take a little bit to correct since the problem may be dual. For example, the owner cannot correct this problem until the dead animal has been removed completely from the air conditioner and the system is cleaned out completely to eliminate the smell.

It’s not uncommon for an air conditioning system to smell horrible from time to time. The smell that’s comes from an air-conditioning system may vary since the problems that exist can come from more than one source. Some of the more notable smells include that of a dead animal, smelly socks, backed up sewage, gun powder and mildew. All of which can be resolved by contacting a professional to address each specific situation.
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