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Why My Air-conditioner Is Making So Noise?

Noisy aircon

Are you embarrassed to invite your friends over because your air con is making loud and irritating sounds? Can't get a good night's rest because your air con is throttling like a motor engine? Most noisy aircon's the most common type of problem along with smelly air conditioners and air cons that have stopped blowing cool air. Let us introduce you to the basic components of the airconditioner and help you troubleshoot on why your air con is making weird noises. You might want to refer to the aircon's manual to familiarize yourself with the parts we mention.

If the noise coming from your aircon's is due to dirty outdoor or choking fan coil, this can be verified by putting your hands at blower. You feel that aircon's wind is not coming out smooth or not coming at all from certain  of the blower and the aircon's will be producing a “pfft” type of sound. It may also be that the aircon's blower is unbalanced due to the accumulation of dirt. When spinning rotary things are unbalanced, vibration occurs and a weird throttling type of noise is produced.

Liquefied gas is evaporating inside the piping and when it evaporates too fast, those with sensitive ears can pick up the sound of evaporation. Faulty motor bearings making a distinct screechy sound and should be replaced immediately. It is a sign that your motor might jam and overheat. When this happens, you will have to replace the entire motor instead of just the ball bearings and you will have saved money if the problem was dealt with earlier.

It is best to perform basic maintenance for your air conditioner by cleaning the airfilter and outdoorpanel regularly. Simply take wets cloth and wipe those panel and filter free of dust once every two weeks. This will help to prevent the accumulation of dirty the breeding of bacteria. These easy steps can go a long way in helping you to save on maintenance and repair costs. You may also want to consider getting a chemical wash service for your air conditioners once a year as it is the most effective way of thoroughly killing all the microorganisms.

When a problem crops up, get the air-con professionals down to identify the problem with your air con as soon as possible to prevent the issue from exacerbating. It could be a single problem like clogging or multiple faulty units that is causing the noise. Remember to keep your air con warranty in a safe place upon purchase of your air con unit especially because some problematic air-cons can be a result of a manufacturing defect. Also keep the receipts of your servicing jobs as some companies do provide service warranty should the problem still persist.

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