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Why Air-con Light Blinking?

Aircon Light Blinking

Why My Aircon Light Blinking?

Your Aircon light blinking? Air conditioners have become commonplace gadgets in our lives; we have really incorporated them in our lifestyles. And why not? They have provided us clean cool air in all conditions. They are gadgets that bring ease and comfort in our lifestyles. Long gone are the days when people adjusted their lifestyles and routines entirely according to the climate; air conditioners now help us control temperature.

Problems associated with Air Conditioners
Such an essential appliance needs to be maintained properly since in case it is damaged and is not in a good working state, it will be quite hard for us. There are some basic problems that are observed in an air conditioner. One must understand each of them and learn to react to them. Blinking of light is one very common problem out of the many problems associated with air conditioners.

Blinking of Aircon Light – A common problem
This is indeed a very common problem that the owners of air conditioners have observed. There are numerous explanations for this kind of symptom. One is that the compressor in the air conditioner has ceased to function in the proper manner. When this happens, the light, which is an indicator of whether the compressor is turning or not, blinks, when the AC is switched on and yet the compressor is not turning. This is one of the common explanations for the blinking of the green light in an air conditioner. The sensor might be at fault. It needs to be discerned and then a replacement solves the problem.

The indicator functions differently for different air conditioning systems, so what might be true for one automobile might not be true for another. For example, in a coupe category of car, a blinking light indicates that the serpentine compressor belt is slipping. In such a case, a simple replacement of the belt solves the problem.

Sometimes the problem is linked to the faulty magnetic clutch relay for controlling ACs which have a magnetic relay compressor.

At times, the problems even occur when a battery has been replaced and the systems of the car have not been properly configured. In such cases it is advisable to go through the proper instructions and follow specific codes that would calibrate the systems properly. After that the problem is supposed to be resolved.

Solving the problem
There are many air-con companies out there who are specialized at repairing aircon and aircon blinking problem is definitely no problem to these aircon specialists. You may call us for a free consultation but take note that they do charge for transportation and onsite troubleshooting.

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