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Why Air-con Drip Water?

Aicon leaking water

Why Air-con Drip Water?

Aircon dripping water? Air-conditioning is now available just about anywhere, from shopping centers, offices, homes and even food centers. Having this luxury in life is one way for you to beat the heat, and thus the problem when an air-conditioning unit is leaking water is a huge nightmare for you. Here are some reasons why it is leaking water and the checks you can do.

The most common of all is a clogged pipe. The air-conditioner works by removing excess water vapour in the environment and pushing the air it takes in through a series of cooling coils which cools the air and returns it out. The water is then collected onto a dripping tray at the back which flows down into the pipe that flows into the nearby toilet. When the pipe is clogged by either dust or a foreign object, it will start to clog up water and thus the water will drip from the unit rather than be drained through the pipe.

A clogged pipe usually will become a breeding ground for mould and thus produce a decomposing sour smell through the air-conditioning. If that is the case, contact your local air-conditioning service company immediately.
The second most common problem is an introduction to a heat producing appliance nearby. This problem occurs due to the temperature difference between the air-conditioning unit and the heating appliance. This results in the water vapour in the warmer air to start condensing on the frame of the air-conditioning unit and produce the problem of water dripping from the unit. The problem can be solve by ensuring that the air-conditioning unit is firstly installed in a high place away from any heating source and also by switching off any nearby heating source while the air-conditioning is running. This not only become inconvenient to you as a user, but with prolong misuse could lead to the fan-coil breaking down due to the drastic difference in the air that it is taking in.

The next problem is icing forming around the cooling coil. This problem occurs when the air-conditioner unit has been adjusted to produce very cold air by adjusting the temperature to the minimum. This overloads the cooling coil and because of that, causes the cooling coil to change its temperature drastically, causing water vapour in the air to condense rapidly on the cool surface of the cooling coil, turning it into ice on the coil. With prolonged misuse this could lead the cooling coil to break down or even affecting the fan-coil. This problem can be identified quickly by finding out how long it takes to cool your room. If it takes a lot longer to cool your room without changing the temperature, this could mean that your fan-coil is becoming insufficient and thus may require immediate servicing to ensure that a breakdown doesn’t happen.

The most unlikely of problems which still occurs sometimes is bad installation. An air-conditioner must be installed slightly backwards so that the water will drip backwards into the collection tray and directed into the pipe. If however it is positioned either flat or forward, this could result in a collection of water on the base of the air-conditioning unit or water seeping out from the inside of the unit. In such a case, it is usually easy to spot as the problem comes on in the first few usage of a newly installed air-conditioning. If this is the case, call the installation company to have it re-fitted.


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