Types of Professional Singapore Aircon Services You Can Use

An air conditioner is an expensive piece of equipment. It requires regular maintenance services to keep it running properly and efficiently. Every year an air conditioner loses about five percent of its original efficiency. Regular maintenance services help avoid expensive repair costs. An aircon services company can help clean various parts of the air-conditioning unit. These parts include:

  • Condenser Coils
  • Evaporator coils
  • Blower blades and wheels
  • Condensate drains
  • Refrigerant systems
  • Electrical components

All such parts are cleaned thoroughly by expert air conditioner technicians. The cleaning helps improve the functioning of the AC unit. It starts giving only fresh and clean air. There is less consumption of energy because all parts function smoothly without any resistance from dust and debris. This type of regular aircon maintenance helps prolong the life of an AC. The problems of dripping water and condensation are solved. You will notice faster and even cooling effect in the room.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, it is necessary to know the type of problems you can encounter with your air conditioner. Knowing these problems will help you avoid expensive repair costs when small problems are fixed in time.

This is the best way to realize you have a problem with your air conditioner. An AC is designed to work smoothly without generating any noise. If you can hear odd noise coming out of the AC, it shows there is some problem with the unit. Generally it is the fan belt that is in need of replacement but it can be other problems as well. An air conditioner houses motor, blower and fan blade. Sometimes screws come out loose and this leads to noise in the AC unit. When the fan blades collect dust or start touching the AC cover, you will hear noises. The noise could also be due to problem in the duct or condenser unit.

Completely Not Working
If your air conditioner has stopped working completely or you are unable to even switch it on, look for external power problems. Check the switch to ensure it is in the ON position and the electrical cord is connected properly to the socket in the electric board. The AC system may have its own circuit breaker. It may have tripped for some reason or been switched off by someone.

Check any other circuit breaker on the line that may have tripped and disconnected the supply of electricity power to the unit. It is important to remember that you should perform only visual inspections and solve only those problems that do not require any opening of electrical boards or the air conditioner unit. If you are unable to solve this problem on your own, then the air conditioner may have developed some technical fault. It will require opening its outer cover to repair it. Such a repair should be done only by a trained technician. Other aircon electrical problems could include:

  • The air conditioner is turning on and off frequently
  • Corrosion of terminals and wire
  • Problem with any electrical contact or connection

The actual cooling takes place inside the evaporator or cooling coil. If the coil is blocked by the dust, debris, ice or frost, it restricts the air flow and affects the output of the air conditioning unit. Your AC cannot circulate the air properly if the coils are clogged. Buildup of dirt and debris on the coil reduces its efficiency as well. There may be problem of ice formation on the condenser or compressor. Never try to repair any internal damage on your own. It can be dangerous. Let a professional Singapore aircon technician clean your air conditioner parts properly and thoroughly. Serious problem with the evaporator coil many mean it needs replacement. An experienced technician can notice the trouble signs immediately and advise you appropriately if repair or replacement of the evaporator coil is needed.

If your air conditioner is leaking, it will result in low refrigerant level which in turn affects the machine’s cooling efficiency. The refrigerant amount should not be too low or too high. Both issues are problematic. Call an expert aircon technician to know if there is such a problem in your air conditioner. It is possible that the AC was undercharged during the installation process. A leakage can also lead to low refrigerant level. Any such leak should be fixed as soon as possible to make the air conditioner run smoothly.

Any leakage in the duct will lead to escape of cool air. This problem severely affects the efficiency of an AC. You will be wasting energy in cooling that you are not using. This problem is especially noticeable in central air conditioning systems. The air ducts must be airtight at all times. Let a trained AC technician check the duct and perform the repair if required. The duct system works inefficiently when there is some obstruction in the proper flow of air. Make sure you have not placed any furniture or drape in the path of supply or return of air flow. The ducts should be properly insulated and airtight.

Latest air conditioners use lots of electronic systems that rely on sensors. A malfunctioning sensor can affect the working of your AC. The device will simply do not know when to turn on or off. It will have difficulty determining how much cooling is needed. Read the air conditioner manufacturer’s manual to check where the sensor should be placed in a room.

You will notice pooling of water when the condensation pump breaks down. The air conditioner will start using more energy to cool the room. It will be less effective and efficient. Call an Aircon company to check any problem with the drainage. The air conditioner should be located at the right place to reduce the chance of any clogged drainage.

These are some common air conditioner problems that affect the cooling efficiency of an AC. Whenever you notice any such problem, call a Singapore Aircon service providing company immediately. Let a professional AC technician clean and maintain your air conditioner. You can take advantage of an annual AC maintenance contract to keep your AC in excellent condition at all times. Always use right size air conditioner to avoid problems like waste of energy or inefficient cooling. Consult an air conditioner technician before buying your AC. The technician will perform an AC audit and let you know what type of air conditioner is most appropriate for your air conditioning needs.


Singapore being close to equator, it is notorious for hot temperatures throughout the year. A proper functioning air conditioning is very important for every home in Singapore. Every homeowner want to ensure the family member are comfortable, and maintaining aircon can really make your loved ones comfortable. But the cost of servicing aircon is scares many people, if you want to service you air conditioning, you should not worry anymore. As a good step to customer care services, a reputable service provider should provide a clear explanation on the cost of the services they offer. You can get the prices of certain service such as aircon chemical cleaning and aircon chemical overhaul on the company’s website or by visiting the company outlets. The following is a breakdown of the costs of services provided by some of the Singapore aircon services providers.

For your appliance to operate optimally, it must remain in good condition. If aircon is underperforming or it is producing some funny noise, you should look for appliance repairman to troubleshoot the problem. An experienced appliance repairman can precisely diagnose and determine the problem. In Singapore, companies will charge up to $50 troubleshooting cost. But this amount varies according to the complexity of the problem. For example, some problems require special equipment to diagnose. This is a fair cost because when the problem has been determined, repair can be done quickly, the cost of repair can be much less than the cost of troubleshooting.

The cost of chemical cleaning fan coil will vary with the number of coils. A large and powerful aircon will have many fan coils, while smaller one may come with only one coil. A unit with only one fan coil will cost about $40. The $40 is standard price in many companies regardless of whether or not your unit has a condenser, for each additional fan coil, you are likely to incur extra cost. For example, a unit that has 2 or 4 fan coils will cost $30 to $ 35 per coil service. A unit with more than 5 coils may cost $25 to $ 30 per coil to work on.

Many companies in Singapore use chemical to clean air conditioning. Chemical method is more effective because it will go through the entire AC unit to remove all the debris, it can be used in case typical serving process does not work. In fact, the chemical practice can be used drain out different parts, including the vacuum drainage system. The cost is influenced by the number of fan coils in the air conditioning unit. It can cost up to $80 per fan coil. The cost doesn’t vary with the number of fan coil.

At times, the chemical cleaning solution is not good enough. When the unit is failing to work, is leaking or it is not managing the condensate as it should be, an overhaul is required. At times, some items need to be drained and some parts may require replacement. It may be a very expensive process, but compared to the value of your appliance, plus its services, it pays to have your aircon overhauled for it to remain functional. The cost varies from one service provider to the other. It is good to check the price before giving out your appliance. It can cost up to $150 per fan coil to overhaul aircon. This is plent a lot, but it is worthwhile considering the importance of air conditioning unit in Singapore. It is certainly more expensive than other practices, but it is better to overhaul than to replace AC unit.

It is always frustrating to find your aircon is not working. It can cost you plenty a lot of money to fix it. 

Installation cost
It is good to have your aircon installed by a professional. But installing air conditioner is not simple either. Fortunately, you can bargain for better charges. The cost of repairing aircon varies from one service provider to the other. But you should only trust your appliance to an experienced service provider. The cost should not solely determine the service provider you will use, look at customer’s reviews as well as the warranty offered. It is also good to ensure you clean your aircon atl east once in a year.



  • Serene Lim
    Was recommended by my friend karen who did her daikin system 3 by singapore aircon. I have requested for an onsite quote and installed my mitsubishi system 4 aircon. The technicians are very knowledgeable and very efficient. 2 thumbs up!
    Serene Lim
  • Christine Lim
    I called up and ordered the portable aircon, they gave me some suggestions to see if i should installed wall mount aircon unit or portable aircon and i end up choosing the portable aircon. Works well for me. I must say that their service is really good and very knowledgeable.
    Christine Lim
  • Madam Sim
    Been doing our aircon chemical cleaning and regular wash here for many years. Pleasant service with great price. Nothing to complaint about so far.
    Madam Sim
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    I called on a sunday at about 1pm and to my suprised, they came to my house at 4pm and fixed my aircon leaking problem. They certainly know what they are doing. Keep up the good work.
    Madam Ng
  • Mr Tay Eng Hong
    I booked my aircon cleaning services last minutes on a sunday and to my surprised they came and serviced my aircon without any extra charges. Pretty impressive.
    Mr Tay Eng Hong
  • Mr Richard Lee
    Tried several deals company that offer $12, $15 aircon servicing but most of them are just wasting my time and money and pushing me services that i don't need. Good thing i found singapore aircon, their technicians are very efficient and knowledgeable and they REALLY did a great job each and everytime!
    Mr Richard Lee

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