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Feeling the heat wave or the humility in the air? How you wish that you can sit inside a nice cool room with strong air-con blowing out cool air to cool you down? Well, air-con has become part of our daily life. Practically, Singaporeans cannot survive without air-con.

Since, air-con is very important in our daily life, regular servicing, maintenance and Aircon Repair will ensure longer life span for your air-con unit. Below there are some few regular air-con maintenance and repair that will benefit you to keep your air-con running long.

Is your air-con gas leaking?

Non-inverter air-con is using Freon as the coolant gas. This gas is safe to use till your air-con develop a leakage. Freon gas is harmful to the environment. Regularly air-con check will prevent any leakage to happen and if the leakage had occurred, engaging a professional air-con contractor will be able to do the repair for you and to replace the leaked Freon gas. The main idea is that whether to do a servicing or repair always get a professional and reliable contractor to do the job for you.

Fan coil is extremely dirty?

Do not think that a bit of dust and dirt sticky on your fan coil will not cost any damage to your air-con unit. Well, think again! The reason is simple. Dirty fan coil will directly affect your air-con effectiveness in heat transfer. Let me put it in a more layman terms. Imagine if there are lot of dirt and dust building up on the surface of your air-con fan coil, they will not be able to generate cool air effectively, thus making your air-con to run harder than usual to cool down or maintain your room temperature. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help your air-con to perform more efficiently. A professional air-con contractor will have those special tools and equipped skills to do the correct cleaning off those dirt and dust off your air-con fan coils without damaging your air-con cooling system. My advice is to engage with a professional air-con contractor to do a regular servicing for your air-con unit to obtain the maximum efficiency and to reduce your electrical bills.

Condenser fins were bended?

Air-con condensers are built with fins to enable radiation of heat faster hence your air-con unit can work better. If those fins are bent or broken, the performance will decrease. Air-con fan coils also have those fins but the damage risk is not as high as condenser. As condenser is fixed outside your window, hence have the greater exposure to nature destruction i.e. rain or thunderstorm. Even small animals may have the tendency to bend your condenser fins. If you engage for a regular air-con servicing, the professional will do a check on the condenser fins to make sure that your air-con system can run efficiently. Do not attempt to do yourself as those fins are fine and delicate, and would require a special “comb”

To summarise, as people always take for granted that air-con unit does not need any regular servicing. When finally your air-con unit started throw tantrum, people will panic and seek professional help. Having a regular air-con servicing by the professional will benefit you in a long run, as your air-con will be taken care of and to have the best performance for you throughout the whole year.

If you need a professional air-con company to repair your aircon, you can give us a call. Your aircon specialist in Singapore. Choose only reputable Air maintenance and repair company such as Singapore Aircon Repair. You will gain more.


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