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Absolute Aircon is the Number One Aircon service provider in Singapore. Providing the best AirCon service to Singaporeans has been our mission for over a decade. Our clients appreciate our top notch customer service because we are attentive, professional, and always polite. We offer the best services at the best prices, all over Singapore. As a full-service provider, we not only offer simple Aircon servicing, but also gas top-up, chemical washing, and complete Air Con overhauls.

@bsolute Aircon

Always thinking of our customers first, we are regularly publishing blog posts and articles on our website about how to keep your Aircon running smoothly. We offer valuable information on all types of Aircon units; be they for your office, your home, and your car. Our mission is to save you money AND stay cool even on the hottest days. Our mission with these articles is to help you troubleshoot your unit before having to spend any money.

Nevertheless, if your Aircon has stopped working, is leaking or making strange noises, don't hesitate to call us! A technician will be at your place in no time to check the problem and get it fixed. If we can't fix it, we can also recommend a new Aircon unit, including the installation.

Why Choose Us

It's good practice to research all possibilities when needing an Aircon servicing company. We are one in many other Aircon servicing companies in Singapore, but we pride ourselves in having the best service for your money.

Here are some reasons why you should choose @bsolute Aircon over the rest. Give us a call if you have more questions.

Top of the line chemical cleaning -
Apart from a regular Aircon servicing which involves cleaning all the parts with high-pressure water, we also offer top of the line chemical washes. A chemical wash is a type of cleaning that can greatly improve the functioning of your units. This type of service is especially needed when a unit is leaking water, emanating foul odors, or shooting out ice pieces. Another big and important reason to treat your Aircon to a chemical wash is if family members start showing signs of allergies. Sneezing, runny noses and other allergy-related symptoms may be due to the dust and allergens coming out of your units. At @bsolute Aircon, we offer the best chemical wash service available. Get in touch for a quote.

@bsolute Aircon

The best Aircon overhauls for your money -
If your Aircon unit has been acting up in ways more complex than a water leak or a bad smell, there might be something wrong with the system inside. It might be time to do a full overhaul of your unit to find out what is really wrong. If we find that condensers need replacing, or if the sensor system is broken, we will give you a quote for repairs and you can make the decision about going ahead with it or not. If we, at @bsolute Aircon, believe that the repairs will end up being too costly, especially if the unit is too old, we might suggest you get a new Aircon unit. We promise we will provide the best solution for your home.

We respond fast -
When you call us about your malfunctioning Aircon unit, our technicians will be at your house as soon as possible. Our call center is available 24 hours a day and if your Aircon needs emergency repairs out of hours, we can handle that too. We visit clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. That said, we will schedule a time with you and not keep you waiting around for the technicians. We believe in serving our customers right and keeping them waiting is not part of our policy. We will give you a quote quickly and efficiently once we know what is wrong with your units.

Our technicians are professionals -
Every single one of our technicians is a licensed professional. They are trained to know how to service every brand of Aircon, no matter the type of fixing it needs. Our technicians know that not all users understand how Aircons work and will explain all the details of the repairs if so needed. All our technicians will give the best solution to the problem and suggest how to keep your Aircon unit working at top capacity for a long time. No matter what your unit needs, @bsolute Aircon technicians will have the proper training to do the best job possible.

Guarantee and warranty -
After our technicians fix your Aircon unit, it will work perfectly for a long time. Nevertheless, we offer warranties for every service we provide. Our General Aircon Servicing comes with a warranty of 30 days, the Chemical Cleaning has a warranty of 60 days, and a full overhaul includes a warranty of 90 days. Replaced parts also have a warranty of 30 days. We guarantee that all the work on your units will be done by professional technicians fully trained to service any brand of Aircon.

@bsolute Aircon

Excellent customer service -
Our customers always return to us for Aircon services because we offer excellent customer service. Our 24-hour call center has 8 different lines so you will never be put on hold. Our customer care experts will answer all your questions efficiently and politely. We offer a $50 troubleshooting service, meaning that you are welcome to look for other options. We firmly believe that you won't need to look for any other service provider after you try @bsolute Aircon.

We can also offer other types of service -
Other Aircon companies only offer simple servicing without the choice of chemical washes or gas top-ups. We offer all the services your Aircon might need at any time. Apart from the Aircon services we offer as @bsolute Aircon, we are part of @bsolute Services, a full-service provider for all of Singapore. As part of @bsolute Services, we offer part-time maid cleaning and thorough spring cleaning, carpet and furniture cleaning, curtain cleaning, office cleaning and laundry services as well. The same customer service from @bsolute Aircon applies to @bsolute Services, as well as the 24-hour call lines and fast service turn around.

If you need a professional cleaning for your Aircon, please don't hesitate to call us for a fast and speedy fix. We promise you will never need to call another Aircon servicing company in Singapore.
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