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Portable Aircon In Singapore


Portablr Aircon

Air-con has become a common necessity for Singaporeans. With the climate in Singapore, you can image life without an air-con is an unbearable life.

People are skeptical that air-con would be a big and heavy box either fix on the wall or window. Little do you know, there is a type of air-con called Portable Air-con?

Portable air-con units are quite of a trend in the market recently. These portable air-cons weigh less than the normal air-con however; portable air-con does not compromise in providing cool air.

We will show you advantages of portable air-con:

Firstly, portable air-con is easily been moved from one place to one place. Due to its light weight, you will be able to easily shift the aircon unit from a room to another room. The flexibility is there for you to shift the unit to any room that you would wish to cool down the temperature.

Secondly, portable air-con unlike normal air-con needs regular maintenance services. Portable air-con has few mechanic parts built internally which thus minimise the requirement for a regular maintenance services or repairs.

Service maintenance of aircon does not come cheap and may sometime require a heavy fee if your air-con breakdown. Using a portable air-con, your will save more on the maintenance fee. Furthermore, you can do your own D.I.Y repair or servicing yourself to you portable air-con. Hence, portable air-con had become a trend in consumer now.

Thirdly, save greatly on your electricity bills. Switch on an air-con will usual consume a lot of electricity thus is an additional cost to your electricity bill. Portable air-con consume less electricity hence in another is energy saver and cost efficiency towards your bills.

Lastly, specialised air ducting. Certain portable air-con can specialised their air ducting to direct warm air out from you house to outdoor which in turn help you save some electricity costs.

After much discussion on their advantages, where to get this marvellous portable air-con units. Portable air-con’s price varies from designs, models and specifications. Ironically, small unit will definitely cost lesser.

To conclude, always do a research before you buy any portable aircon. Do a comparison on the price, model, design and of course the specifications. Also to do a comparison between different companies to get the best deal out of them. Grab the opportunity of any weekends or public holiday’s sales and promotions to get some discounts and save on your budget.

- Please note that we are not selling Portable Aircon. If you are looking for Other Aircon for home and office, please click here:
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Portablr Aircon Singapore

- Please note that we are not selling Portable Aircon.
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I called up and ordered the portable aircon, they gave me some suggestions to see if i should installed wall mount aircon unit or portable aircon and i end up choosing the portable aircon. works well for me. I must say that their service is really good and very knowledgeable.
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