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Installing Air Con For Home

Aircon Installation

During hot seasons, nothing beats having a wall mounted air conditioner unit at home. In fact, wall mounted air con units are around for a very long time and till today, they are still a very popular choice. There are many benefits for installing a wall mount air conditioner unit as compared to window units.
If your budget is tight, you should actually consider getting a single wall air conditioner unit. This unit is installed through the walls of your room. This will ensure a cooling environment by reducing the temperature. Normally, the cost per unit ranges from $250 to $700.

Here are some differences between a wall mounted air conditioner unit and window unit. If you are looking for air conditioner that is portable, easy to install and uninstall, you should consider getting the window unit air conditioner unit. Window units are usually very big and bulky; it will take up a lot of space in your room, especially when your room is very small. If you have small windows in your room, it will also block your window view.

On the other hand, for wall mounted air conditioner unit, it does not protrude out because it is installed through the wall. It takes up lesser space in your apartments; they can blend in with your room decorations and furniture well. Having a wall mounted unit, will take you quite some time and effort to get it installed because you will need to run the piping and plan the space for installation with precision.

You should call the professionals to Install Air Conditioner Units for you, unless you have confidence in drilling the holes into your room walls. Any holes which are not suitable, will lead to more patching and painting work. It is strongly advise to hire only professional aircon company to do the servicing and installation of aircon for you.

Accuracy is very important here. There are many different brands and models of air conditioning unit around in the market. To make your purchase simple, you can browse through the air con websites and you will be sure to find one that is suitable for you. Make some comparisons and customers’ reviews too. Your aircon units if maintained properly, can last for more than a decade. Invest your time and plan properly before confirming on a certain brand or aircon company.

If you need advice on aircon services and installation in Singapore, you can always visit Air Con Service Singapore

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