Aircon Singapore FAQ

Exactly why do we need to service our Aircon unit?

It’s important that maintenance is a crucial in ensuring the long service from a equipment. You’ll discover that regular upkeep of your aircon will reduce the downtime and helps to make the machine provide efficient service for an extended stretch of time. A well serviced air conditioning equipment doesn’t just succeed in cooling your property or office but also in reducing your utility bill. Studies have shown that the well serviced ac units could help you save up to 25% of one’s electrical bill.

Is Installing a more impressive aircon better?

A greater air conditioner will not likely necessary provide more cooling. The specific sized the machine must match that relating to the space sq ft. Many people often thinks that a bigger aircon can actually gives you better cooling system but the true fact is that is not usually the case. You will need to match the correct room size with the right BTU aircon.

Ac sizing chart

Oversized is not always good in this case and too small isn’t too. Always appraise the size of your living space before installing an aircon inside your room.

Aircon BTU Installation Chart

How an airconditioner work?

You won’t believe this but usually air conditioning units and refrigerators works the exact same. Rather than cooling the tiny, insulated space in a refrigerator, an aura conditioner actually cools over the bigger scale as being a room, an entire house, or simply a full business.

Air conditioning units use chemicals that could easily convert from a gas form having a liquid form and rear. This chemical must move the recent air along with your room out with the room.

Fundamental essentials basic compressor, condenser plus an evaporator. The compressor and condenser in many cases are located on the outside air part of the aircon. The evaporator is really found on the within your house.

Once the working fluid leaves the condenser, its temperatures less complicated colder possesses changed originating from a gas form that features a liquid form under ruthless. The liquid retreats in to the evaporator utilizing a microscopic, small hole. Conversely, the liquid’s pressure drops. When it allows you to do something actually starts to evaporate in to a gas.

The evaporator boasts metal fins to assistance with the exchange of thermal energy with all the surrounding air.

Once the running fluid leaves the evaporator, it is a cool, low pressure gas. It returns for that compressor to start with its trip repeatedly.

Coupled to the evaporator generally is a fan coil that circulates mid-air from your house to blow from the evaporator fins. Heat is lighter than cold air hence the cold air will sink as you move heat will rise.

This process continues on a regular basis and also over in front of the room reaches the temperature you determine. The thermostat senses until this temperature has reached the most effective setting and turns through the air conditioning unit. Since room gets warm, the thermostat once again turn air conditioning equipment back on ahead of the room reaches the temperature you determine.

Air con units placement

So how is the foremost one place to one new set of aircon? Bed room! Study has demonstrated that aircon might make most of the people sleep better so we understand that sleeping better is paramount to your great following day.


Were always improving. Inverter Aircon can handle extremes in temperature better, are smoother and more stable in operation, and reach the desired temperature we set quicker than conventional ac units. You are able to certainly save more through an inverter but the repair cost might be higher than the non inverter ones.


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