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Air Conditioner can cool down the whole room regardless of the temperature outside. Most of us may not know that the most important part of the air conditioner is the condenser coil. This is the coil that surrounds the compressor.

Many problems may occur when the condenser coil gets blocked up by dirt and dust. When this happens, the compressor will get very hot and while the air conditioner is operating it will not be cool at all. If continual usage of the compressor coils, the condenser will be spoilt. Therefore, condenser coil must always be kept clean and free of dust while the air conditioner is operating. Coil condenser cleaning is pretty simple and easy, all you have to do is to follow these processes:

* In order to clean the coils, a few tools are needed. For example: A garden hose, and the sprayer.

* Firstly, you will have to disconnect the power from the outdoor unit and remove the fan from condenser unit. Wash the coil with the garden hose thoroughly; take note of the water pressure and ensure that it is not too strong.

* Next, refill the sprayer with the chemical solution to clean the fan coils.

* Leave it for a few minutes to allow the chemical solution to work on the dirt.

* Use the hose to wash off the residue.

* Fix the unit back and start it again

The cleaning solution is actually a very powerful agent that can also be used as a household cleaner. If your fan coils are very dirty and filled with dust, it would be good to get the foaming coil cleaner specially designed to wash the condensing coils. This foaming coil cleanser is very strong thus, be sure to have some protection on. Example, gloves and eye protection when using them.

Having your condenser coil clean, it will increase its efficiency. A clean condenser coil will save a lot on your electric bill. It will turn your air conditioning unit cooler and prolong its life span. In fact, your condenser coil should be clean at least once a year for maintenance. If the environment is extremely dirty, you might need to clean it more often.

If all these parts of the air conditioning units are not clean properly, it will cost you more money. In conclusion, start cleaning your condenser coils now!

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