Understanding Noisy Air Conditioner

There is no denying the truth that summer months are pretty cruel in Singapore when the temperature could soar to around 36.7 Centigrade. Therefore it is important to have an air conditioner which is working well at all points of time. In many homes though the air conditioners might be working, they may be very noisy. It would be difficult to sleep with air conditioners which make too much of noise. However, repairing and setting right a noise air conditioner is not an easy job and must know how to go about. Ignoring a noise making air conditioner will lead to serious problems and it could lead to breakdown of the machine and this is the last thing you want in hot summer months. Therefore we will be spending some time and in this article we will try and have a look at the various things to be kept in mind when it comes to repairing a noise making air conditioner. To begin with you will have to find out if the machine is too old and if it is so, you will have no other option but to replace it.


Identifying The Cause Is Important
The noise emanating from an air conditioner could be because of various reasons. Identifying the type of unit is important. Whenever you come across a noise making unit, the same should not be ignored. It certainly indicates that something is wrong with the machine. Further different noises can have different implications and could also be useful in diagnosing the type of problem. Ignoring the problem will be at the risk of the machine owner and you will eventually have to replace the machine and go in for a new one. While in some cases the air conditioner might have been damaged beyond repair, in most cases the noise could be because of some minor problems. Here a few such minor and major reasons which if addressed could solve the problems of noisy air conditioners. 

Fans Could Be The Cause
If the fan of the AC machine is not properly maintained it could be the reason for the noise. Hence it is important to clean the fan regularly and ensure that it is fixed properly and it is not touching other moving or fixed parts of the AC machine. If there is a rattling noise or a humming that is uncomfortable to the ears, it might be because of loosening of the fan which might require immediate cleaning. You can easily open the AC cabinet, locate the fan and clean the debris and dust which might have accumulated around it. If still the noise continues, the fan could be loose and might need tightening. 

Importance Of Lubrication
If the AC machine needs to run properly, the motor also should be in perfect condition. It should be properly lubricated. If this is not done the air conditioner might be giving out a grinding or humming noise. While some AC units will have motors which are unsealed, there could be others which could come with sealed units. Sealed units might require opening and applying of quality motor oil. This should preferably be done during the beginning of summer and could save lot of problems as far as noise is concerned. 


Loosened Screws
Vibration is another major cause for noise as far as AC machines are concerned. When an AC machine is working it vibrates and there are screws which hold the various moving parts in place. When some of the screws become loose it is quite possible that the vibration might increase and this could lead to noise in the AC machine. Just by opening the AC machine and having a look at it can help you to tighten the mounting screws which should solve the problems in eight out of ten cases. All that you need is a suitable screwdriver and your ability to identify the screws which are loose. 

Clogged Coil Fins
The coil fins of your AC machine could often become clogged with dirt and debris. If this happens you are certain that it will generate lot of noise. You must be sure that the coil fins are free from dust. You might have to use a vacuum cleaner with an attached brush to get rid of the debris and dust. Coil fins which are bent can also result in a humming noise. You can straighten the fins with the use of special tools designed for this purpose and it usually is the fin comb. All that you need to do is to insert comb in between the coil fins. It should be slid so that the fins are straightened. 

Decaying AC Insulation
If you come across an AC insulation which is rotting or decaying, you should not ignore it. Immediate action should be taken to replace. It could not only cause a jarring noise but could also increase your power bills quite significantly. It could also result in shocks if the earth wire is not properly working. Hence it is a problem which must be addressed immediately. 

Using Noise Filtering Techniques And Methods
Using a sound blanket frame could be an ideal way to reduce the noise emanating from AC machines. This is specifically suited for outdoor air conditioners. These AC units generate lot of sound even when all the fixed parts, moving parts and vibrating parts are properly screwed and tightened. You could build a wooden frame around it and attach the blankets to the frame. This could certainly go a long way in reducing the level of noise. In other words it will help filter to noise quite significantly. 


Ensure That The Units Are Properly Secured To The Window
If you have window AC units you should be sure that it is properly fixed to the window. If it is not properly secured to the window, it could create lot of noises. The best and time tested way by which this can be done is to ensure a board is placed below the unit. The AC unit must be firmly fixed to the unit and this can reduce rattling and vibration significantly.


Hence at the end of the day there could be many reasons which could be causing the noise from your AC machines. You must spend time to identify the origin of the noise and then have it corrected to have the desired impact.

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