Common Aircon Problems

Air conditioners may fail at any time without notice. Living in an area that accumulates high temperatures can cause great discomfort. Sometimes getting repairs can be very expensive, for example. They must do a lot of research to discover the problem. Fortunately, there are simple ways to easily identify the common problems of your own air conditioning unit if you want to try it yourself or if you want to give the technique incredible problems. Most of the air conditioning problems that may arise are your inability to properly cool a house or an official institution. These problems with air conditioning are sometimes the result of inadequate maintenance. The easiest way to avoid problems with your device is to perform regular maintenance checks.

Common Aircon Problems

These are some of the Common Aircon Problems that can lead to the destruction of the air conditioning system.

Refrigerant Leak

Unfortunately, the leaks that occur in the evaporator coils or in the condenser cannot be repaired. They can occur as a result of the vibration of the device during operation and may require a complete replacement of the device. However, leaks in other areas of the device may be accepted by a qualified technician. As we all know, the refrigerant is a chemical that cools the air. The presence of a low coolant means that there may be a leak or a problem with the coolant system. If the air conditioning system needs to be recharged with a refrigerant, it usually means that there is a leak and that it must be located and repaired.

Strange noises

One of the problems associated with air conditioning is that the air conditioning creates a high-pitched noise, like crying. This is usually due to a problem with the fan belt. Make sure it has not been removed. One problem that most owners have encountered at some point is the noise from the air conditioning. These noises often become a secondary sound of life in this house, but they can indicate great problems. These noises often get louder, especially when the device is running at full speed. Call a specialist when you hear sounds coming from your device because they are difficult to diagnose. Often, the solution is as simple as replacing or adjusting a fan belt or lubricating moving parts.

Dirty Air Filter

The most common problem that causes air conditioners to operate incorrectly is a dirty air filter. The air filter is an important part of the HVAC unit because it filters dust, pet hair and other particles that float around your home. The air filter catches them without taking them to the coils in the air loader. If the filter gets too dirty, the air handler can freeze. In this case, you will feel a great difference in the air temperature coming from the air vents for the air conditioner. You can even see a layer of ice on the coils and the vaporizer. The easiest way to avoid all these possible problems is to change the air conditioner filter at least once a month.

Common Aircon Problems

Clogged Drain Line

Air that does not pass through the vents of a device is a very common problem. This will obviously have a catastrophic effect on the conditioning of the room. This fault can be caused by a dirty filter. Excessive dirt can clog the air passages in the filter and, therefore, block the flow of air through the air vents. Another common problem occurs when only hot air enters the room. Any number of factors, including a dirty filter, can make this happen. Sometimes you can go home only to find out that the air conditioner is not working. This sometimes occurs due to overheating of the compressor due to a defective external fan.

The appliance does not power on

The air conditioning in the room consumes enough electricity to make it work. If it does not turn on, one of the main reasons may be that your house is not well connected or that there are other highly active loads in the same circuit. Even after checking all possible causes of AC failure, device maintenance may be necessary. If the device shows signs of corrosion of the fins or if the device is very old, it would be better if you asked the air conditioning repair specialist to study this question or get a new unit in its place.

Thermostat not working properly

If your thermostat does not work properly, you will not get the correct temperature for the air in your home. Thermostats are not too expensive. They can be purchased and installed by a homeowner. If you have problems with your thermostat, you may consider replacing your thermostat with a programmable one. An external fan is primarily responsible for the transfer of heat from your home to the outside air. If the fan is defective or does not work properly, the heat transfer does not occur and the device may overheat. Worst of all, it could cause internal damage to the compressor.

Common Aircon Problems

Faulty wiring

Incorrect wiring is a serious problem that presents a fire risk. You can turn off the circuit breaker or prevent the system from receiving power. You should also be careful when checking the wiring, especially if you also have a leak problem. It is a good idea to turn off the power before altering the electrical wiring. Incorrect, accidental or even non-certified wiring is dangerous. This is a potential fire risk. Poor wiring often prevents the system from receiving enough power or, worse, can shut off the circuit breaker.


One of the worst things that can happen to a family is that those in these units fail. For those who have ever had heating or air conditioning, disappear or leave. You know how much you trust them to be calm and comfortable. The time has come when you understand to what extent we have reached the means of comfort and mechanical technology. In conclusion, it is always useful to maintain the proper care of your units, so you can avoid these inconvenient times without them. Even if you are not an expert, you can eliminate some basic problems with the air conditioner if it does not work properly. Any information you can provide to a professional who will repair your machine will help solve the problem much faster. Learning to solve problems of an air conditioning unit is something that any owner can do.
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