Office Aircon Maintenance Tips

An office aircon makes the workplace cool, improving the performance of workers. Whether you're an employer, an employee working in an office or the owner of the office, you can't bear the thought of the aircon breaking down or working inefficiently. It would make the work environment almost unbearable during hot weathers, affecting the overall productivity and, ultimately, the growth of the business or organization.

Office Aircon Maintenance

Proper maintenance and care practices will keep the air conditioner in a good working state as well as extend its life. However, you would need to be conversant with these practices to carry them out. Most of them are simple and can be done by anyone; they do not require expertise in the aircon servicing field. So, what are they? Here are office aircon maintenance tips for an efficient air cooling unit.

1. Time It

An overworked air conditioner deteriorates to become inefficient too soon. This happens if you have the habit of leaving it on when not necessary, like when the room temperature is just right. In addition to increasing your power bills, it causes the aircon to age faster, and you find yourself having to replace it sooner than you had expected.

The best way to avoid the situation where the aircon is unnecessarily on is to use a timer. Modern units come with a programmable timer that allows you to set it to switch itself off at times when you're not in the office or when the right temperature has been attained. If yours is an older model, you can still purchase a timer that can be used on it.

2. Ensure a Clean and Quality Filter

When dirt builds up on your office aircon's filter, it causes it to slow down. The unit starts to use more power to regulate the same temperature and makes you incur avoidable power costs. A filter of poor quality will also affect the efficiency of the aircon and make it draw too much power than it would with a quality filter.

To counter this problem, ensure that you change the filter at least on a monthly basis. Ensure, too, that the filter is of high quality; a poor quality filter is of no use and not different from the dirty one you replaced.

3. Allow Space and Aeration for the Condenser and Compressor

The compressor and condenser coils need to be installed in places with enough space and free air flow. If shielded, they don't dissipate heat efficiently and can affect the overall efficiency of your aircon.

If installed outside, ensure there's no shrubbery nearby. Also, shield it from the sun as it would not only cause damage but also make cooling difficult. For smaller units installed on the inside of the office, ensure no pieces of furniture are kept too near the condenser and compressor coils.

Office Aircon Maintenance

4. Seal Any Leaks

Leaks can greatly lower the efficiency of your office aircon. It's advisable to find and seal them using tape to improve the unit's efficiency and, therefore, prolong its life.

While leaks can be hard to detect, there are methods you can use to find them. One of them is by lighting an incense stick and moving it along the ducts of the air con. If you notice a deflection or spread of the stick's smoke, you have found a point if leakage. Secure the duct with tape until you're sure the problem is fixed.

5. Clean The Aircon Parts

Dirt, dust, and debris on your air conditioner affect its performance, making less efficient. Over time, this problem inevitably affects any air conditioning unit. To restore its efficiency, you would need to clean the dirt and debris off.

Cleaning the aircon parts is simple; you only need a brush for the fan and some water for the condenser or compressor coils. For the ducts, vacuuming clears any dust and debris lodged in them. Ensure the aircon is switched off before beginning to clean it. After you're through, use paper towels to wipe the washed parts dry.

6. Assist The Aircon to Cool The Office

The harder your aircon works, the sooner it will likely break down or become inefficient. To avoid a situation where your air-conditioning unit has to work too much to cool or warm the air in the office, find ways that help to make this possible.

You can close all openings during cold weather so cold air from the outside doesn't reach the inside of the office, for example. On a hot day, you can switch on ceiling fans to complement the work of the aircon. Lowering or raising window blinds also helps, depending on the current weather.

7. Have a Technician Look at It Occasionally

There are parts of your office aircon that require a professional to service. Or it could be that you're too busy to inspect it for damage or change the replaceable parts such as the filter. Having the air con serviced helps to identify problems before they cause the whole unit to break down or cause it to become inefficient and costly to operate.

Office Aircon Maintenance

How frequent you schedule the servicing to happen depends on how frequent the aircon is used, where it's situated, and its size. Air conditioners that are used daily and for long hours need regular servicing while small units may not require as regular servicing as the larger ones. Aircons situated in places that have a lot of dust and are subjected to the elements of weather need more regular servicing.

By applying these office aircon maintenance tips, your air conditioning unit remains efficient and lasts for long. It would also save you from costly repairs that result from a poorly maintained unit. Sometimes, lack of proper maintenance practices may even lead to a total breakdown of the unit, warranting a replacement.

However, if unsure of how to clean your office aircon or how to replace its filter, it's advisable that you seek the services of a professional. A trained technician will service your aircon in the best way to keep it in great condition so that it operates optimally.
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