Things To Take Note When Installing New Air Conditioner

Installing an air conditioner is a task that can be best handled by a professional. If you are residing in Singapore, then it is better to hire an aircon installation company to get your air con installed in the right position and perfect fashion. Prior to engaging a company, you should consider over these following points:

Installing New Aircon

Make a list of your prime requirements.

Where are you going to install it – in your bedroom or office? Are you considering setting up the air con in your kitchen or restaurant? Regular servicing is a necessity to maintain as well as improve the functioning of your cooling machine. So, do not forget to make a budget for the maintenance schedule so that you always get an immediate response from your air conditioning installation company in times of emergency.

You need to decide whether you need heating or cooling or both.
In certain climates, you may never use your air conditioning. You can save a lot of money if you don't install air conditioning or buy a window air conditioner for the few days a year that you need it. The same is true for heating. You can save a lot of money by buying a space heater if you don't need heating throughout your home for the majority of the year.

Next, you need to decide whether you want to install a system that is environmentally friendly or not. The two most popular green friendly systems are geothermal heating and cooling or solar heating panels. These systems are generally more expensive up front but will save you money in the long run.

Once you have decided on these issues, you need to find a good heating and air conditioning, contractor. It is generally best to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Once you have these recommendations, you should research the companies online to ensure that they provide consistently good service for all of their customers.

Always turn to a reputed service provider.

You do not have to wait long when you need its service the most. An installation and maintenance company has experienced technicians who can also guide you in times of buying your cooling system. You need valuable assistance from an air conditioning installation service provider just because you do not have a good hang about heating, ventilation and several technical terms.

Installing New Aircon

Make sure the installation company has a long time experience in the industry
. An experienced service provider can tell you which system is the perfect fit for your need. The air conditioning company should also be at your beck and call so that you do not have to wait long to get your faulty system repaired or replaced.

You should generally get quotes from at least three different contractors.
The contractors will recommend the best system for your house and they will be able to calculate what size the system needs to be based on various factors including the square footage of your home. Make sure to weigh the price of the contractor against the quality of their work. While one contractor may be less expensive, if the quality of their work is poor, then it may be more expensive in repairs later.

Once you have found a good contractor and installed your new aircon system, you need to make sure that you do the proper maintenance on your system. Some maintenance you will be able to do yourself, but other things you will need to hire a contractor for. Routine maintenance on your HVAC system will not only prevent future problems, but it will also increase the life of your system.

The air conditioning installation based company will assess your needs. These companies know the requirements vary from one person or an organization to another. They come up with the solutions to fit everybody' need.

Several air conditioning installation companies are there who are very much willing to offer their service when you are getting your building erected. These companies work with the construction team to understand the specifications of the buildings. Information about the building project gathered from the concerned engineers will definitely help the technicians install the machine perfectly.

The air conditioning installation company must know the ins and outs of the system that it is going to install. Then only it can know how to improve the heating and ventilation of the system.

Additional Things That One Needs To Keep In Check.

Consider The Size Of the Air Conditioner Prior To Buying.

One needs to buy an air conditioner unit that is appropriate to the place. Just buying a big ac will not serve the purpose. A bigger ac does not always mean that space will become cold faster. If you are not confident about which size will be a better fit, just consult professionals with prior experience of air conditioning installation. They would be able to help make a decision.

Choose an Appropriate Place to Install The Air Conditioner Unit.

Placing the ac unit in a space where your house or office receives the maximum direct sunlight, does not make sense. It will only make your ac unit work harder and get your energy bills soaring.

Installing New Aircon

Do Not Put Up Hindrances For The AC Unit.

It is advisable not to put the ac unit in a place where the ventilation will be hindered. The ac unit should never be hidden behind shrubs or other plants as it might just clog the condenser coils.

Make Sure That The Thermostat Is Not Heated Up Too Much.

Ensure that the televisions, stereos and lamps are not placed close to the thermostat as it only drives up the temperature readings and overworks the ac.

Do Not Do Away with the Fans.

One handy tip that the air conditioning installation service providers give is never to do away with the fans only because the ac is on. Air conditioning is not a substitute. Rather, the fans should be used along with the ac to create a wind chill effect to maximize the cooling effect.

Whatever company you choose, make sure that you are getting the quality service in exchange for your hard-earned money. Service charge is an important factor while choosing an air conditioning installation service provider but remember there is no use of selecting a company that asks for a minimum charge but offer the third-rated service. So, act prudently while selecting a model as well as an installation company.

If you take these steps when installing a new system or replacing your existing system, you can be sure that you will get the right system for your home and for your budget.
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