What Are the Benefits of a Clean Aircon?

The festival of Chinese New Year, according to Chinese calendar, is one of the most popular festivals in Singapore. At this occasion people usually give priority to clean their home as large gatherings are expected at this occasion. Along with cleaning their homes people also clean the aircons installed in their home for various reasons. In fact a clean aircon offers a number of benefits. Some of the clean aircon benefits are briefly discussed here under for your consideration.

Benefits of Clean Aircon

Health benefits:
Due to large gatherings at the time of Chinese New Year celebrations the environment in your home in Singapore can be excessively hot, which may not be good for the health of the people present there. They will feel sticky and tired due to sweating abundantly. In such condition, if your domestic air conditioning system is clean and in excellent working condition then it will allow you to remain active and energetic without any fatigue by getting fresh air from it. In this way a clean aircon can provide health benefit to the people gathering in your home.

Fresh and clean air:
When your home is populated by the people gathering there for celebrating Chinese New Year then its air will get polluted due to their breathe and dust and dirt coming in with them. This polluted air can be harmful for all the people present in your home unless it is replaced with fresh and clean air otherwise it can cause various health issues like infections, breathing problem and asthma etc. In Singapore, it can be possible only if you have a clean aircon in your home. Your air conditioning system can ensure to remove impurities and germs from your indoor air by filtering the air coming in. thus the second benefit of clean aircon is to improve the quality of indoor air especially at the time of large gatherings in a restricted space of a home.

Energy Efficiency:
By keeping your aircon clean in Singapore you can improve its efficiency to consume energy and ultimately reduce your power consumption bills. The efficiency of your air conditioning unit can get affected if it has clogged air filter. It will increase the consumption of electricity as the flow of air has got obstructed. It can cause discomfort for the people gathering in your home at the occasion of Chinese New Year due to low performance of the aircon. The energy efficiency of your domestic aircon can increase by at least 15-20% by keeping its air filters clean. Instead of cleaning air filter you can also replace it with new one to improve its performance instantly. The consumption of energy of your aircon can also increase if the coils of its condenser are dirty. These dirty coils will compel the air compressor to work hard to work properly which will increase the consumption of energy. So you can reduce your energy bill by reducing power consumption by keeping the condenser coils of your aircon clean.
Benefits of Clean Aircon

Lower the cost of future repairs:
If you do not clean your aircon regularly in Singapore then in the long run you will have to spend lots of money on major repairs. So you can save lots of money by servicing your aircon regularly and correcting the problems when they are smaller. The internal parts of your aircon can fail to work prematurely if its condenser coils and filter are not cleaned regularly. You can easily identify the leaks and building up structures in your air conditioning unit by getting it serviced regularly. In this way you can lower the cost of future repairs by cleaning it regularly as the cost of small repairs can be much less than the major repairs later on.

Longer lifespan:
Another benefit of clean aircon in Singapore, especially at the occasion of Chinese New Year, is that it will it will increase its life. If your aircon is not clean then it will have to work hard to make it comfortable for the people gathering at your home. But is the aircon if cleaned and serviced regularly then not only its performance will improve but also its life. The regular maintenance of your air conditioning units can allow it to serve you for long time. The overall performance of your aircon gets affected if one of its parts gets damaged due to any reason. So to allow your aircon to perform efficiently for long time you will have to care of all of its parts regularly.

Quality performance:
Sometimes your air conditioner fails to provide you comfortable environment even after using it to its optimum capacity, especially when people gathering in a home to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore. In fact, the efficiency of any appliance reduced annually at the rate of 5%. But you can recover this 5% by maintaining your aircon regularly. It will allow you to enjoy 90-95% efficiency of your aircon for long time. It will not only improve the performance of your aircon but also lower the consumption of energy and hence energy bills.

Benefits of Clean Aircon

In this way, you can enjoy a number of clean aircon benefits by maintaining it regularly, more particularly when you are expecting large gathering at your home in Singapore at some important occasion like Chinese New Year etc. According to an old proverb prevention is better than cure’, you can save lots of money if you check the problems in your aircon when they are small otherwise you may have to spend a lot to cure its major problems.

So, to increase the life and performance of your air conditioning unit you will have to keep it in good working condition. You can save money in many ways if your air conditioner is well maintained. When the problem is small then you can also amend it yourself without hiring a professional. But spending some money on hiring a professional air conditioning service for its regular services is not waste of money. It will save the money you have invested on this appliance by maintaining it regularly and properly.
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